Meet The New Xiaomi Drone iDol with Artificial Intelligence

A portable drone with AI that follows you everywhere.

It has been announcing the union of Xiaomi with Funsnap, a new company that has decided to create and launch, through crowdfunding, the new Xiaomi Drone iDol. And it does not look like the drones that we have seen previously with Xiaomi.

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Xiaomi Drone iDol: Innovative Features

One of the things that makes it special and different is its PVC material’s composition.  It offers the possibility of folding it and contains a module that supports the battery. Among other things, it is very portable since the longest side does not exceed 23 cm (total measurements of 226 x 144 x 48 mm) and the weight is only 360 grams.

Xiaomi Drone iDol portable

We can manage it from above by a WiFi connection to the mobile and is so easy to use that even children can play with it. But that’s not all, in its inner layer there is a chipset that can detect movements and take pictures from the heights. This lens is capable of obtaining high-quality video images up to 1080p at 30fps. It also comes equipped with a 1800mAh battery that allows its continuous use for up to 10 minutes.

Xiaomi Drone iDol innovative features

Xiaomi Drone iDol Functions:

  • Recognition function of AI gestures through learning and recognition of user commands. You can use the drone without having to access the application.
  • The drone can automatically track subjects, human figures and objects to be photographed.
  • Controls to land and take off, as well as to configure different vertical shooting modes.
  • The use of optical flow and ultrasonic positioning allow for a great adaptability to surfaces, providing optimal stability even without GPS signals.

It is designed with 4 propellers that provide a greater stability in the air and that rotate through a brushless motor. We do not have to worry about losing sight of it since within its platform it has GPS and can locate you without any problem. However, for greater safety, is better not to fly more than 50 meters in height.

By incorporating IA technology is possible to use it without piloting it with the Smartphone. Because we can configure it to use it through the sports mode and the Drone iDol will automatically follow us wherever we go. Something incredible, right? And if we want to take a selfie, we just have to raise our hand to the sky and he will automatically take a picture of excellent quality. You can land only thanks to the integrated GPS,  barometer and altitude sensor that you have in the lower part of the Drone. You can move 120º from top to bottom to record in all directions and find the best shots.

It is not yet available in physical stores in China, but we will soon see it. The Drone IDol will cost 899 yuan, equivalent to around $130 or € 110. A fairly accessible price considering all the features it brings.


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