Grab Xiaomi Dreame V9 Vacuum Cleaner: Only For $170.99 (Coupon)

Xiaomi Dreame V9 is one of the many creations of Xiaomi. Although we already knew one of its bagless vacuum cleaners, Jimmy JV1, now launches this Dreame V9 with more power to suck dirt out of your home.

Coupon Code: B934CBE5

Related imageBuy Xiaomi Dreame V9 Vacuum Cleaner Only For $170.99


The Dreame V9 is equipped with Space3.0 brushless digital motor that spins about 100,000rpm per minute, generating a powerful suction of 120 AW and 20,000 Pa to ensure your surrounding is free from dirt and other impurities. Aside from that, it features highly effective HEPA filtration that can filter out 99.99% of allergens and dust as small as 0.3 microns. The only minus point that can be detected so far is the 0.3 l small dust chamber, which has to be emptied more often for more intensive cleaning. Fortunately, this works very easily and completely without direct contact with the contents of the chamber. A vacuum that is also quite light only weighs 1.5 kg and you can handle it easily and even turn it into a hand vacuum when you need it.


Powerful suction: The brushless motor of this Dreame V9, is able to rotate up to 10000 rpm to achieve a suction power of 120AW and 20000 Pa. This way you can capture all the dirt. From leftover food to pet hair or smaller spots. All this is also achieved through HEPA filtration, small cyclones that generate a powerful force to suck up even the smallest particles. HEPA filtration is capable of filtering dust up to 0.3 microns, thus avoiding the appearance of annoying allergy symptoms. You can eliminate visibly as well as deeper dirt and maintain a clean and hygienic house taking care of your health.

Cordless vacuum cleaner for deep cleaning: There is nothing more wonderful than removing the cables from above and not depending on them. That’s why this type of vacuum cleaner is a revolution. You can control it to clean several rooms of your home with a range of up to 60 minutes with saving mode, reaching cleaning areas of up to 380 square meters. In case you prefer a more powerful cleaning, then activate the strong suction mode.

Easy to use: Keep your house clean and free of mites with the dust brush for surfaces, clean the most difficult corners with the crack tool. Then empty the dust container, releasing it with a button in the bin. Once you have finished with your vacuum cleaner, place it in the wall bracket with the load to have it ready for a new cleaning.

Verdict & Shop

A Dreame V9 capable of vacuuming all types of areas such as furniture, floors of different hardness and textures and even ceilings. Xiaomi Dreame V9 is now available only on DHGate For Just at $170.99 Using a Coupon Code: B934CBE5, if you are interested to buy you can just click the Following button:

Coupon Code: B934CBE5

Related imageBuy Xiaomi Dreame V9 Vacuum Cleaner Only For $170.99


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