New Flagship? A Xiaomi device gets 3C certification

Although we are not surprised when Xiaomi launches a new Smartphone, especially when we talk about its constant annual releases, we are always aware of the possible arrival of a new terminal. Now we are waiting that our Chinese technological giant launches another of its great smartphones in the coming weeks. Why are we so sure about it? A few weeks ago, Xiaomi president Lin Bin said that the company will launch a smartphone with a slide-type design this month. While many believe that this is the expected Xiaomi Mi MIX 3, it has also leaked important information about an alleged Xiaomi LEX that has left us with the doubt. And to make it more entertaining, today we have known that a new Xiaomi device has received 3C certification.

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A Xiaomi device gets 3C certification

New Xiaomi device: Leaked 3C certification details

As mentioned, a new Xiaomi smartphone, with the model number M1810E5A/E/C/T has just obtained 3C certification. However, the interesting part of this filtered information is that the device uses the same charger as Xiaomi Mi 8 (model number MDY-08-ES). Therefore, this would confirm, to some extent, that this smartphone is probably a high-end terminal.

A Xiaomi device gets 3C certification

Could it be the slide-type design terminal?

Xiaomi CEO, Lei Jun, revealed that one of the company’s future releases uses a slide-type design (such as the OPPO FIND X) and it will also be compatible with a fingerprint sensor on the screen. According to the rumors, thanks to this type of technology, the phone would have a screen ratio of almost 100%. This stands out because definitely, the sensation will be like holding only a screen and nothing else.

Also, another possible advantage that many may notice is that the sliding type design allows the sensor of the front camera and other components to be hidden subtly, which provides more space for the screen. Remember that currently there is no standard technology to hide the camera, the receiver and other sensors under the screen.

Is it possible that this design is perhaps the only solution for a true phone without a bezel? Will this be the next Xiaomi terminal that we will see soon? Still no confirmation of any kind, we expect more information about it in the coming weeks.

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