(Deal) Xiaomi Deerma DEM SJS600 Humidifier: 5L Purifying, For Just $82.73

The atmosphere starts from the air, and the Chinese company Xiaomi knows this: they have created a practical and versatile model of the air humidifier, Xiaomi Deerma DEM SJS600 Humidifier. The device is minimalist, stylish, in a classic white color. The discreet laconic design allows you to fit the device into any interior, even if you decide to place it in the most visible place.

Xiaomi Deerma DEM SJS600 Humidifier: For Just $82.73

The body of the Xiaomi Deerma DEM SJS600 Humidifier is made of ABS plastic. On the side you can find a work indicator light, and using a convenient recess in the upper part of the structure, right on the lid, you can easily and quickly pour water inside.

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Water is the main component of the operation of the device, and its quality in the first place determines the purity of the air during the humidification process. That is why the manufacturer did not bypass this issue, but installed a special UV filter inside the device, which, when it ends the water tank, instantly begins to clean it, and only after that it goes to work.

The Xiaomi Deerma DEM SJS600 Humidifier model has a good throughput capacity of 270 ml / h. If we translate this into the dimensions of the space, it turns out that up to 25 square meters can be processed within an hour of operation of the humidifier. With such high performance, the noise level is quite low – only 34 dB, so that the device can be used even when everyone is sleeping.

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As for the volume of the tank, it is as much as five liters, so that by launching a humidifier into operation, you can not take care of it for a long time. The overall dimensions of the Xiaomi device are 33 cm in height and 20.8 in diameter.

It is worth noting that on the case you will find all the necessary symbols, and the indicator will keep you up to date with the current level of fluid. In addition, if desired, you can use flavors, while carrying the room a pleasant aroma.

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