Xiaomi Deerma DEM-NF30 Review |A portable Mini Heater at a reasonable price

Xiaomi Deerma DEM- NF30 is a device which is used as a Mini heater whose main function is to keep the room warm that means give a warm condition in the winter season. Normally, in the winter season, it is needed to keep a heater. Xiaomi takes a mini heater comes by considering this and also this heater has a larger number of extensive features.  Besides, this is a portable heater and also its size is mini so a user can use it very comfortably. The design of this device is very simple but still looks gorgeous and its color is usually for which it looks more standard.

Xiaomi Deerma DEM-NF30 Review

Xiaomi Deerma DEM-NF30 Review


The design of a product is always important because in times of purchasing a new thing usually a user firstly looks for a product whose outlook is gorgeous. Xiaomi Deerma DEM-NF30 ensures a better aesthetics due to its excellent standard size, its shape and most importantly by its color. It ensures a nice atmosphere due to its extensive functions and the atmosphere is always pleasant because it won’t be too cold or too much warm.

Xiaomi Deerma DEM-NF30 Review

3-layer security

Xiaomi Deerma DEM-NF30 mini air heater has 3 layer security for which is ensures more safety, more trusty and also the total system is also safer. By flame retardant insulation material it set the internal limit of the temperature and it automatically works within that range for which it ensures no damage to the device. It has also a PTC thermal detector by which it cuts off the internal temperature of the device in times it reaches its maximum limit. It has also temperature fuse which works when the temperature is quite higher and then it disconnects for ensuring the safety concern of the device.

Ceramic PTC heater

Xiaomi Deerma DEM-NF30 Review

Xiaomi Deerma DME-NF30 is a ceramic PTC type of heater. It ensures the reduction of power and also avoids the surface from too much hotter. Due to this, the performance of the heat thermal and heat dissipation is quite excellent. Besides, it ensures a fast, safe thermal dissipation and also ensures a reliable process.   

Fine and skin friendly

The device is very finely finished and it is the device whose skin is a friendly texture. Due to this, a user will be nicely and comfortably use it as the devices which are not nicely polished, those are difficult to maintain.

Concealed power cord

Xiaomi Deerma DEM-NF30 Review

Xiaomi Deerma DME-NF30 heaters power cord is concealed for which it is possible to use in the socket directly. Due to this, a user can use this very easily without any hustle. Besides, it can also pull out from the cord of its power system and can be used independently to connect with another socket.

Wide area cooling air outlet

Its cooling air outlet is quite fast and it also covers a pretty larger area. As it dissipates the heat quick fast, so the user will get a pleasant temperature within a small time duration which gives them better comfort.

5 Seconds fast heating

Its thermal efficiency is very fast and it has a built-in ceramic heating element for which it is possible to heat the surrounding area within 5 seconds. Moreover, doing this task is not a difficult task at all even by staring a button it is possible to do the whole process.

Automatic shut down after booting 4h

Xiaomi Deerma DME-NF30 heater is automatically turned off after it reaches 4 hours from its starting time. So, the user does not need to attend the particular place physically and it gives some flexibility to the user. Besides, it also ensures safety as it is possible to occur an accident if it connects with the power for a long time.

Operation of the automatic comfort thermostat

The operation of the thermostat in this mini heater can be automatically done. Its temperature remains between 60 o C to 90o C. And this process can be done very sensitively so the user needs not to be too much scared of this.

Customized 5 level timing design

Its timing design is customized that means it is possible to make it with the preferences by the customers. So, it can be said that is a flexible design can give some extra benefit to the user.  


With most of the other electronic device, Xiaomi Deerma DEM-NF30 mini heater also has some noise in times of working. And if this noise level is too much, then it will be difficult for a user to work with it as it can cause some health problems to the user. But, this device maintains an excellent noise level which is less than 50 dB that can be easily maintained by the user.


Xiaomi Deerma DEM- NF30 mini heater works at a large power and its working power is about 250W. So, it can do its work quite fast due to its high power.


Weight is a major concern for the home appliances. From that perspective, the weight of this device is only half kg which is carried able for the user and they can easily and comfortably use this.


As this device is used in a regular size, so its size needs to be pretty small. The height, width of Xiaomi Deerma DEM- NF30 is nicely optimized and also in the range which can be easy to use for the user.


As this is a device which is needed in every family, so its price range needs to be quite lower for which every kind of customer can afford to buy it. The price of Xiaomi Deerma DEM is very much affordable even it is got at the lower price considering all of its features.

What we don’t like

Xiaomi Deerma DEM-NF30 Review

Xiaomi Deerma DEM- NF has not too many negative consequences. But, its noise level can be a concern for the user who cannot able to handle noise. Besides, its automatic system can create problems if there is just some error.


Xiaomi Deerma Dem- NF30 is a mini heater device by which a user can get a nice pleasant atmosphere because this device converts the cold temperature to temperature which is pretty warm and also user-friendly. This device has a lot number of features and it is also flexible in its functions. Xiaomi Deerma DEM-NF30 mini air heater has 3 layer security for which is ensures more safety, more trusty and also the total system is also safer. Moreover, the design of this product is very standard and more importantly, its price is very affordable for almost every customer.


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