Xiaomi SOTHING Deer Light Ambient Humidifier for $16.89 only

Xiaomi has been playing a vital role when it comes to the production of electrical appliances. The new launch of this humidifier is an example itself. The design and overall look of the product is beautiful and it is the best choice to use.

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This deer light ambient humidifier has an appearance like a deer trotting in the snow. The humidifier is also electroplated with rose gold antlers and other differentiated details which are more graded. This humidifier is a suitable option as a gift. As a whole, this humidifier is a mix of classy and cute product.

Uniform nanometre water mist

Xiaomi SOTHING Deer Light Ambient Humidifier inclusive of uniform nanometre water mist. It soothes your mind and body completely and leaves you fully satisfied. The product does no wet the table. The built-in feature in ‘ultrasonic atomizing device’ creates comfortable and moist living atmosphere. Moreover, creates comfortable environmental humidity which results in a fight many discomforts. The humidifier also relieves dry skin and respiratory problems which causes due to low air humidity.

Comfortable atmosphere light

The device plays the role of humidifier and ambiance lamp as well. The warm color light can easily be turned on with just one touch on the button. You can also use it as a small night light at night.

Tank capacity

The capacity of Xiaomi SOTHING Deer Light Ambient Humidifier is very reasonable. The humidifier can hold is up to 260 ml of water which ensures daily humidification demand and reduce the retention of old water, that rings fresh and comfortable humidification experience. The fully covered top design reduces dust entry and keeps daily moisture at ease. It is affordable Xiaomi Humidifier in the market

Automatic Power Off

The two levels of mode in the humidifier enjoy directly spray that is adjustable at humidification mode, at the same time with 4/6 hours of the automatic power function. The device is more suitable for personal space.

Mute experience

The machine noise in the process of operation is not more than 30db almost undetectable. It gives you a peaceful environment to live and work. It is an affordable Xiaomi Humidifier in the market.

To buy this little cute humidifier at the best price follow the link below :

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