Xiaomi has created DeepExposure AI, a system to improve photos

Xiaomi is a company that has managed to pass to posterity since their birth for their incredible products; in addition to that, they also offer a huge amount of services to all their users because they want to improve the technological industry a lot. Among all these services can be named a new one that is a system that allows improving the details that are not appreciated in the photographs due to poor lighting, called DeepExposureAI.

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This was announced through a document that was presented by the Chinese giant called “Deep exposure: learn to expose photos with asynchronously reinforced adverse learning”, which describes in great detail how this new artificial intelligence system works, indicating that basically what it does is segment an image into multiple “sub-images” and each of these images are associated with the local exposure, with which little by little it is retouching the original image.

Information about Xiaomi on DeepExposure AI

According to the statements of some of the researchers who worked on this project “Accurate exposure is the key to capturing high-quality photos in computer photography, especially for mobile phones that are limited by the size of the camera modules“. They also added, “Inspired by the luminosity masks that professional photographers usually apply, in this article we developed a new algorithm to learn local expositions with a deep adversary reinforcement learning”.

DeepExposure AI

The so-called DeepExposure AI is just a pipeline of the AI that allows beginning the process of segmentation of the image, then it is passed to the next stage in which the local and global exposures of each are calculated, concatenated and processed the low input resolution, sub-images and direct fusion of images. Successively, the images go through a filter of local and global value, and finally, the system evaluates the final quality of the image after all the retouching and the sub-images are mixed with the original photo.

DeepExposure AI process

The DeepExposure AI turns out to be a fairly advanced system, since the researchers who create it have claimed to have overcome the normal algorithm that is used for reading the images, this thanks to their work in conjunction with artificial intelligence that is what allows them to bring life to the photos and offers the ability to retouch them intelligently.


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