Xiaomi COOWOO U1 lamp Review : Not so much powerful but trendy

Today we bring you the latest Xiaomi COOWOO U1 compact LED light. It comes with the two USB ports at the stand for charging a cell phone/tablet, etc. Being a product from Xiaomi, we have quite expectations from the lamp. The specs sheet looks great let’s see how it performs in the real world.


The Xiaomi COOWOO U1 lamp was conveyed from China by e-Packet in 20 days. The box with the light comes wrap with plastic polyethylene, laid with air sacks and pressed in a large box. Thus, neither the container nor the lamp got any harm between shipment.

Within the package, there is lamp and different additionally items from Xiaomi. Everything comes in a white box as usual Xiaomi style.  The light itself appears at the front and back. From one side – the light model and maker’s name. From the other – a sticker with the lamp characteristics. Since I have the English variant of the light, everything is in English. From above – the coowoo logo. Opening the case you can see a significant bit of foam and instructions. The lamp comes with a fold over the piece a unique pressing technique is enough. Within the box, you will get merely the light, small-scale USB wire and instructions. Instructions are likewise in English

Xiaomi COOWOO U1 Xiaomi COOWOO U1 Xiaomi COOWOO U1 Xiaomi COOWOO U1 Xiaomi COOWOO U1 Xiaomi COOWOO U1 Xiaomi COOWOO U1 Xiaomi COOWOO U1

Appearance, usefulness

Like every other product from Xiaomi, the Xiaomi COOWOO U1 lamp looks very stylish. The measurement of the height is 98 mm, and thickness is 9 mm. The brand logo as a fashionable light is at above: On the other hand, a matte diffuser. The base is relatively heavy (it will be clear why), its span across is 112 mm and thickness is 18 mm. It contains the main control component – the touch button. The light control is the equivalent as in various other dimmable lights. A short touch kills the light on/, a long touch changes the brightness. The button glow in red on charging and changes to blue when the lamp becomes full charge, which is not very good for a battery. Charging the lamp from 2.4-ampere charger takes around four hours to charge it completely.

Xiaomi COOWOO U1 Xiaomi COOWOO U1 Xiaomi COOWOO U1

On the underside of the base, there are elastic half-round legs and a sticker with lamp characteristics: On the back, a smaller scale USB port for charging the lamp and two USB ports for charging different gadgets from the lamp. The manufacturer claims an aggregate current of two ports of 2.1 amperes, lamentably. We don’t have a USB analyzer to check it out. However, the limit of 4000 mAh appears to us still too small. The Xiaomi COOWOO U1 lamp cable has a length of 29 cm and a span across of 8 mm. It is expertly twisted and can take any advantageous frame.

Xiaomi COOWOO U1 Xiaomi COOWOO U1 Xiaomi COOWOO U1 Xiaomi COOWOO U1

Light in work

The light shines rather faintly, which is not surprising since the lamp is portable. Neither the package nor the manual contains data about the brilliance of the lamp. According to the Internet, it is 200 lm.

There are 24 LEDs organized around are in charge of the light. The diffuser adapts to its duty splendidly. The light circle gleams uniformly and just having shot at a quick shade speed, you can see uneven brightening. The light of the lamp is fair, and the shading temperature is 4500K. In actuality, the alignment on a dim foundation in Light room demonstrates a temperature of 3800-3900K. Something like the light of a Xiaomi COOWOO U1 lamp in full haziness at most extreme brilliance looks like in the eye.

Xiaomi COOWOO U1 Xiaomi COOWOO U1 Xiaomi COOWOO U1 Xiaomi COOWOO U1

At least brilliance, the lamp barely shines and can’t convincingly enlighten anything. I think this mode is required just to discover the light in the dimness.

In general, the light from the lamp is adequate to peruse a book in dark easily or to light up the PC keyboard. The lamp can be used as a stationary by interfacing with a charger because while charging the lamp can be utilized in full. However, the brilliance is still too small. In my conclusion, the key region of ??application of this lamp is for still places without access to electricity. For ideal, in the nation or in the flat (in a place where there is no outlet, and it is poorly designed to convey the extension transporter).

Xiaomi COOWOO U1


For dismantling the Xiaomi COOWOO U1 lamp, you have to peel off the elastic feet at the base with the end goal to access the 6 self-tapping screws. By unscrewing them, it turns out to be clear why the lamp is so weighty. At the base, a thick bit of iron, in any case, is improved the situation better light stability. On the other hand, two printed circuit sheets and a battery are visible. The first board is in charge of the activity of the touch catch, and it likewise has a two-shading LED. The lithium-polymer battery is stuck to the case on a two-fold sided tape, and it was not really detached with no damage. Judging by the marking limit compares to the declare.  Moreover, at last, the fundamental board, which is responsible for, modifying the brilliance and the power-bank work.

Xiaomi COOWOO U1 Xiaomi COOWOO U1 Xiaomi COOWOO U1 Xiaomi COOWOO U1 Xiaomi COOWOO U1 Xiaomi COOWOO U1


– Portability;

– Soft light without throbs;

– Comfortable adaptable foot.

– Built-in power-bank.


– Low splendor;

– Cold, as I would like to think, light

– Low capacity built-in battery. The case enables you to push somewhere around twice as spacious battery.


In general, the Xiaomi COOWOO U1 lamp left a questionable impression. On the one hand, it is versatile, you can simply take it with you to nature, or basically move it from place to put without considering wires, and the power-bank work is helpful on the off chance that you take the light on a trip. On the other hand, the brightness of the light is sufficient aside from perusing book or for use as a nightlight. For little works or similarly as a desktop replacement. We would not prescribe it if you want a bright lamp. But if you want a cool product from Xioami this is your lamp.


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