Pick up the Xiaomi CONAIR CZB-26YB Ice Machine for $180 on GearBest

Making ice cubes just got easier with the Xiaomi CONAIR CZB-26YB. The gadget is a mini ice machine that makes it easy to make ice-cubes anytime and anywhere, This product will come in especially handy during summer as you can get cold drinks easily at home, keeping you cool and refreshed during the summer.Xiaomi CONAIR CZB-26YB

The ice maker comes with a cool and portable design making it easy to fit into the kitchen easily. The device uses an efficient heat exchange mechanism which gives it a high cooling efficiency. The device uses a copper-aluminium finned condenser with good heat dissipation. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the machine heating up.

Also, you won’t have to wait too long to get some ice. The machine can make nine (9) round ice cubes at a time. The size of each cube can be adjusted. When the ice cubes are formed, it automatically falls into the basket. The storage basket can hold up to 60 ice cubes at a time.

Main Features:

  • 6 minutes of rapid ice making, bullets round ice, rapid cooling
  •  9 round ice can be made at one time, the size can be adjusted
  • Infrared technology induction, water shortage or ice storage room will automatically stop when filled
  •  Fast cooling with pure copper nickel plating, corrosion resistance
  •  Metal fan cover is durable
  •  Simple operation panel, smart button operation, one-button boot
  •  Add water manually, up to 2L water
  •  Ice storage capacity: 60
  •  Rated power: 105W
  •  Ice shape: round ice
  •  Ice size: 6 – 32mm
  •  Working voltage: 220 – 240V / 50Hz

The Xiaomi CONAIR CZB-26YB is presently available to buy on GearBest for$180. The device comes in Chestnut Red colour only. Buy using the button below.


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