New Xiaomi clothes dryer machine with a very peculiar design

We are sure that we will never be able to say that we have seen everything from Xiaomi. Every month or week the company launches a new product, and among them, there are several that surprise us. Whether for its innovation, different design or the way to use it. In some way or another, the Chinese giant always finds a way to get noticed in the global market. Among those unusual items, we present you a Xiaomi clothes dryer machine that has been a crowdfunding sensation on Xiaomi’s platform.

Xiaomi clothes dryer machine

Xiaomi clothes dryer machine for only $ 136

This product is produced specifically by Hangzhou Bang Technology for a price of 899 yuan (approximately $136) and has many features that make it unique. Mainly, it is designed for small spaces, so it is very portable. Also, it is only necessary to press a simple button to dry the clothes quickly. The device releases continuous hot air as the fabric moves up and down. With this design, a completely wet cloth can be dried in two hours no matter the fabric.

Xiaomi clothes dryer machine

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Other features

Also, its lifting cables and rivets are made of 304 stainless steel material, which has a load capacity of 30Kg. Another feature is that the Xiaomi clothes dryer comes with a built-in smart AC motor. In fact, in case of overload, overvoltage or overcurrent, the device will decelerate automatically to ensure safety during drying. As you can see in the images, not only does it have the function of a dryer but you can also use it as a laundry rack if you need it. Finally, it is compatible with LED general lighting to illuminate your environment immediately.

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