Xiaomi Cleanfly 600W Intelligent Portable Travel Sterilization Cloth Dryer offered for $88.86

The Xiaomi cleanfly is an electric, portable and smart clothes dryer from Xiaomi using Xiaomi Home (Mi Home) application. It can be packed in a small size so it is portable, but it is also useful at home to quickly dry your clothes.

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It is built in a box that is closed so that the heat from the bottom is kept inside.Its design allows it to be hung on a door, for example, without the need for drilling.Of course you can get a fixed space. it gets the heat from below.

It can also be used with the Xiaomi Home (Mi Home) application, which provides preset temperatures and times for different clothes. And of course, it tells you the expected drying time, which can be checked at any time. It has intelligent sterilization drying, that is portable , it doesn’t occupy the land.

The Xiaomi cleanfly is equipped with its two-way convection design, the heat flow quickly fills the entire drying environment, the heat is more concentrated, and the drying is more efficient. with multi-scenario use.

Where to buy The Xiaomi Cleanfly 600W Travel Sterilization Cloth Dryer

The Xiaomi Cleanfly 600W Travel Sterilization Cloth Dryer  is available on Banggood for just $88.86




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