[Best Product] Xiaomi Classical Backpack – A waterproof backpack for only $19.99 (Coupon)

To go to school, work or hang out with friends we have a product that is part of our repertoire for so long that we can not remember exactly, but we can mention that our Chinese champion, Xiaomi, gives a turn 360 transforming it into a marvel without equal. We have already enjoyed this type of specimens before, such as the Xiaomi Trendy Chest Bag, a bag with a large discount and the next one on the list still maintains a unique essence in every way, the Xiaomi Classical Backpack is a backpack that is presented on today with a winning discount which you can use to buy by using our link below.


Xiaomi Classical Backpack introduction

Xiaomi Classical Backpack: Design

The Xiaomi Classical Backpack has a design that prioritizes the simple and conservative style of Xiaomi, with this, we mean minimalist, which highlights an air of elegance rather refined. It is available in a single color, black and in this aspect, if we were somewhat short, since a couple of other options would have offered a little more customization. It has 3 pockets, the first of these is located at the top and in it we can store a laptop up to 15 inches,the second pocket is in the upper back, having enough space to store other devices and smaller books, and the third is a pocket for more punctual objects, such as pens, calculators, Smartphones, Tablets, and others. The strips are filled with a padded rubber that will provide extra comfort when using it, so although we have a lot of weight it will not hurt us at the level of the shoulders.

Xiaomi Classical Backpack design

This backpack comes with dimensions of 40cm high, 30.5cm wide and 14cm thick and weighing: 0.700 kg, being extremely light to carry wherever you want. It has a capacity of up to 17 liters, so space is literally guaranteed in every way. Thanks to its design and it’s manufacturing materials it is quite simple to wash, apart from that it will not wear out so easily, so it assures us to persist for a long time. Finally, it has a set of very light and fluid closures, but in the same way, they will protect the inside of our backpack.

Xiaomi Classical Backpack design

Xiaomi Classical Backpack: Water resistant

The Xiaomi Classical Backpack highlights a unique feature that gives it an unprecedented appeal. This is made of polyester, which is a waterproof material, thanks to this our backpack can resist the rain that comes unprepared, protecting and keeping dry the inside of it. A key point when it comes to making users fall in love, since being able to carry our devices and important papers with us is always a bit frightening due to the fact that they can be damaged by getting wet, but the latter will be history.

Xiaomi Classical Backpack water resistant

Where to buy it?

Currently, we can buy the  Xiaomi Classical Backpack in Gearbest with an incredible discount, all we have to do is apply the following coupon (xiaomibag05)  so that the final price will be only $19.99, This is only applicable via our link below Like any offer, it has a  time limit,  so we must hurry if we want to take advantage of it. Here we will leave the purchase link in case you are interested in this beauty:



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