Xiaomi Circle Joy Now Offer For $10.99 With 47% Discount

Many people think that if they break a bottle of wine, they should not be consumed immediately, but should be consumed within 1-2 days, because they lose their enjoyment if they are too long to breathe, or when the air enters the air after reclosing. From now on, you do not have to worry about it, thanks to Xiaomi Circle Joy, which is a Wine Stopper that keeps wines already open with the same flavor and freshness as when they are uncovered. Currently, The Xiaomi Circle Joy Wine Stopper is available on Gearbest at $10.99. Besides it, Geekbuying also offering this Wine Stopper at the same price.

Buy Xiaomi Circle Joy For $10.99

Buy Xiaomi Circle Joy For $10.99

The Xiaomi Circle Joy is a special plug protects the wine’s quality and essence, forming a vacuum (0.038Mpa) in the bottle. So you can put it back in the refrigerator for several days and you do not have to swallow it quickly so that every sip can provide that experience. Even days later, it will be fine and characterful, so if we only reward a long and tiring day with a glass of wine, it always gives us the same experience as when we extracted it.

It has a unique circular design without the traditional head of the wine stopper pump, which is reduced in size, light and easy to place. The inner shell of the Xiaomi Circle Joy was made of food-grade silica gel that demonstrates that the material is safe for human health. In addition, the casing of the wine stopper is made of a high-end material, we speak of 304 stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and rust.

Operations of Xiaomi Circle Joy

  1. Repeatedly press the stop up and down until the small window on the top surface shows the date number.
  2. Rotate it to the current corresponding scale to record the storage date to remember the day it was opened.
  3. Hold the side of the cork and open it when you hear the air flow, the bottle will be open by then.

Another interesting feature of Xiaomi Circle Joy is that we can set the release date behind the small opening on the side of the plug so that we know exactly when we started the bottle. The quality is preserved for 7 days, after that the delight of the wine begins to deteriorate, but 1 dl of good red wine per day keeps the doctor away. The Xiaomi Circle Joy 304 is made of stainless steel, 41.6mm thick and 60mm high and still fits in the fridge.

Buy Xiaomi Circle Joy For $10.99

Buy Xiaomi Circle Joy For $10.99

The Xiaomi Circle Joy Wine Stopper is currently available on Gearbest at a steal price. You only have to pay $10.99 for this product. Besides it, Geekbuying also offering this Wine Stopper at the same price tag.


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