Xiaomi Circle Joy: A new cork for preserving wines

It is no secret that the Xiaomi catalog is full of products that embrace a myriad of markets of all kinds, each time it grows more as they are constantly making new alliances or creating new products. Today a new product has arrived under the collaboration of Circle Joy and Xiaomi, a cork for wines called Xiaomi Circle Joy.

The Xiaomi Circle Joy: A perfect solution to preserve wine for up to 7 days

Xiaomi Circle Joy

Many people believe that after opening a wine has to finish it at that time, but the reality is that there are methods to keep a good wine in its best state. And Xiaomi arrives with the perfect alternative for those users who usually enjoy a good wine and sometimes do not want to finish everything at that precise moment, the solution has arrived, with this new product they will manage to preserve their wine as if you were never uncovered.

The cork for wines Xiaomi Circle Joy is supplied and distributed Zhuhai Keli Electric Co., Ltd. With this cork, it allows to maintain the vacuum of the bottle at a high standard of 0.038Mpa, which will keep the wine as if it was never opened until 7 days.

The cork has dimensions of 41.6 mm in diameter and 60 mm in height, so it allows to enter the refrigerator without disturbing. It is made of 304 stainless steel that allows it to be resistant to corrosion and rust. In addition, the cork for wines Xiaomi Circle Joy has an easy reminder function to use, you will only have to gently turn the cap, to select the corresponding storage date.

This product in China has a price of $8.11 (556 INR), but we can buy it from other virtual stores at a price between $17.37 (1190 INR) and $19.69 (1328 INR).

Source: Xiaomi4mi

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