Buy The New Xiaomi Ciga Mechanical Watch(3rd Generation) With Innovative and elegant design For $300.75

Early last year, Xiaomi released its first mechanical watch, which was highly accepted by the market and it won several awards worldwide. The brand as we all know always tend to improves and give there fans better option. Now the brand has comes with another mechanical watch which would definitely do well due to its innovation and elegant design.

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New Xiaomi CIGA watch

The third generation of mechanical watches Xiaomi CIGA

These mechanical watches are manufactured by Shenzhen Haojia Innovation Co., Ltd., which is also responsible for the after-sales services, so they are a third-party product. However, its association with Xiaomi is what has driven the reception of the device. This new generation is known as the Z series and uses a combination of a square and round design so that its sphere has a curved double-sided appearance. It is forged from 316L steel that also gives greater beauty to mechanical art. With its hollow double-sided design, the operation of the gear is continuous.

New Xiaomi CIGA watch

It has a crystal that is not ordinary glass, it is made from artificial sapphire, this has a thickness of 1.2 mm with a hardness of Mohr that is only surpassed by diamonds. This generation has been made with more resistance to wear and scratches, so its durability is first class. In addition, it comes with 3ATM certification, which means that it can also get wet but cannot be submerged. As for the mechanism, it uses a Seagull movement. This is a Chinese core that represents a quarter of the mechanical movements of the world. The movement frequency is 21600 times/hour and the movement error is -15 – +30 seconds/24 hours

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Ciga Mechanical Watch

The Xiaomi Ciga Mechanical Watch is currently available on Gearbest for $300.75



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