Xiaomi children scooter launched with a price tag of 249 yuan ($36)

During the weekend, Xiaomi launched a new product targeted at the kids. This is not the first of its kind, as the brand also launched a similar product last year. This new children scooter on the other hands comes with more features compared to the previous generation.  It is a portable children scooter which is very affordable at 249 yuan ($36).

The arrival of the new Xiaomi Children Scooter

It is a product with a high level of security to avoid problems with children and a total of 3 different speeds. Likewise, it is designed with a gravity direction component. The style of this product is quite particular since it has an extended front in which two front wheels are located, the distance between each of the wheels is 24cm, which allows for greater stability at the time of use. These wheels measure a total of 5cm each, so this also ensures better stability.

They are made of PU material, which offers a great resistance to wear by prolonged use and in the same way, to cross a wide variety of roads and terrains. The frame of the Xiaomi  Children  Scooter is made of aluminum alloy and has the capacity to support up to 50Kg. At the bottom, it has a space of 14cm  to place the feet. It also features a handbrake that is extremely effective and small lights on the wheels that are quite useful if you want to use it at night.

The design can be adjusted to a height between 75cm / 82cm and 89cm, in this way it can be adapted to the size of the user. In addition, its design is completely foldable, so it can be transported without much difficulty. This product has a total price of  249 yuan ($ 36). 

On the other hand, you can buy the previous generation for just $74.99. Click the link below to get it from Gearbest.



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