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Xiaomi Chanitex smart temperature-controlled mattress Launched: Get it for $315

The company Xiaomi  within the e-commerce platform  YouPin  and crowdfunding brings another interesting product. It is an intelligent heating mattress, which comes from the workshop of partner brand Chanitex.

It offers interesting features, but also a good price, and will find its use definitely in every season and especially in the coming winter.

Heating from 25 to 60 ° C

Xiaomi Chanitex intelligent heated mattress in its middle layer contains spirals , which after heating through the central unit become a heating element. The central unit is located outside the mattress and contains a water tank .

It is the heating of the spiral. However, there is no water or electricity in the spiral itself. The mattress can thus be used without problems throughout the night and does not contain any unwanted radiation, it is also suitable for children or the elderly.

The mattress contains 12 safety features,including overheating protection and lack of water in the central unit. Thus safety is very important for the manufacturer. The mattress switches off automatically after 15 hours, unless otherwise set by the control.

There is also control via smartphone and Mi Home application for temperature range from 25 to 60 degrees Celsius. Higher respectively. maximum temperatures can also be used to remove small insects that tend to stay on the mattress surface. It also has an antibacterial function.

Where to buy the Xiaomi Chanitex smart temperature-controlled mattress

The Xiaomi Chanitex smart temperature-controlled mattress is currently available on Geekbuying for $315.99.

To get all the features of the Xiaomi Chanitex smart temperature-controlled mattress and best online store to buy it, this articl


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