Xiaomi Cepheus will come with Snapdragon 855 SoC according to Geekbench

One of the latest processors in the Smartphone market is the Snapdragon 855. The chipset promises great performance as well as 5G Support. Recently some info leaked from Geekbench about a new Xiaomi flagship, known as “Xiaomi Cepheus” that reveals us that it will come with Snapdragon 855 SoC. A short time ago, Geekbench shows us that Xiaomi Black Shark Skywalker will have the same SoC.  Do you want to know more? keep reading!

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 Xiaomi Cepheus specs by Geekbench

According to the listing of Geekbench, the Xiaomi Cepheus comes with Snapdragon 855 SoC with 8 cores and a frequency of 1.78 GHz. Also, it has 6 GB of RAM but the internal storage is not shown. Also, Xiaomi Cepheus runs with Android 9 Pie OS, the latest version of Android till the date.

 Xiaomi Cepheus specs by Geekbench

 Geekbench score Xiaomi Cepheus

After testing the Xiaomi Cepheus with Geekbench version 4.1.0, the software showed a score of 3475 of Single-Core performance and 10872 of Multi-Core performance. These results are higher than those of the Xiaomi Mi 8 SE by quite some margin, that according to the same Benchmark has 1830 points and 5819 points of Single-Core and Multi-Core performance respectively.

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 Geekbench score Xiaomi Cepheus

What is expected?

We do not know yet the true nomenclature of Xiaomi Cepheus. However, it may be Xiaomi Mi 9 or Xiaomi Mi MIX 4.  These Smartphones will be launched in this year. We must be alert to upcoming leaks and more news about it.


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