The Xiaomi camera department will have great progress this 2019

Something that has become clear is that one of the most important sections of Smartphones are the cameras, and this is more evident when the leaders of the big smartphone manufacturers give clear statements focusing on this aspect. The camera department has been a special area in recent times for Xiaomi, so much so that Lei Jun made a post in which he hinted that the company’s next flagship would have something special in its selfies camera.

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Information presented by Lei Jun on the new Xiaomi camera

Through his account on the Weibo social network, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun wrote a message saying he was eager to communicate with the company’s camera department, as he said they would make some important moves this year. Another thing he added is that the level of quality of the cameras this year should be amazing because they have invested a lot in this section. Lei Jun listed the progress of this department as follows:

Xiaomi - Lei Jun Post
  • First, he referred to the evaluation of DxOMark, this referring to the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 that reached the top 3 evaluation of the front camera after it was launched.
  • Then he talked about the Xiaomi Redmi Note 7, which was the first device in the industry to include a 48MP camera.
  • Finally, he said that cheaper smartphones such as Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 and Mi 8 Lite (Youth Edition) have received an update of the camera (Super Night Scene) that was originally reserved for flagships smartphones.

At the moment, the fans are waiting for the arrival of the Xiaomi Mi 9, which will be the next Xiaomi’s flagship. It is known that Xiaomi is putting special effort in the camera department to turn this phone into something unique that nobody has seen, at least, in this section that is one of the most important for this company.


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