Xiaomi C type USB cable on offer at Gearbest for only $2.69

USB Type C cables reached the market just over 2 years ago and they did it to stay. Many thought that they would not have much boom since the Micro USB is the “everybody had”. However, although at the beginning it was difficult, little by little the users have adapted to this new system with a smaller and more functional USB. Now it is a category fought, is the side that defends that the Micro USB must remain to be the most accessible and there are those who think about the future, something that can perfectly bring the adapter type C. In any case, Xiaomiwhen launching its The first smartphone with this technology, the Mi 4c, also ventured into these cables. This is why below we bring you the offer for the original type C USB cable from Xiaomi, thanks to Gearbest.

Xiaomi type C USB cable

Xiaomi type C USB cable: Design

As durable as it is beautiful, Xiaomi has rigorously tested our to this connector by the plug, turn and lift to ensure the highest levels of reliability. In general, the brand paid attention to every detail to make it the best type C USB cable to date. It has approximately 1.15m in length, so it is long enough for its use, and weight only 50g. It is made of the high quality material, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), a very versatile and resistant plastic derivative.

Xiaomi type C USB cable

Xiaomi type C USB cable: Highlights

This charging cable allows synchronization with most devices that support this type of technology but is ideal for Xiaomi terminals. It has a USB 3.1 Type-C interface for a connector (female) and a USB 2.0 or 3.0 as a male. It is claimed that the USB 2.0 transmission speed of this cable is 10 times faster than the common USB 2.0. One advantage of the USB Type C interface is that it prevents the wrong side from being inserted when you try to connect the cable to the charging port. That is, now you can insert the connector into both sides and it will work equally. The functions that it fulfills are the basic ones: loading and transfer of data; You can charge your phone and transfer the data by connecting to the computer at the same time

Xiaomi C type USB cable

Do not miss the offer that Gearbest has for you!

If you are interested in purchasing this type C USB cable from Xiaomi, we invite you to access the online store. As we already mentioned, here you will find it with a great flash offer of 33%. If you want to take advantage of the discount immediately, below we leave the direct link to the page. This promotion will last a few days or until the existence of the existence (few units available). Do not miss it!


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