Xiaomi Business Suitcase: Exceptional suitcase for business trips

The daily obligations go with us to every place of our lives, so much so, that sometimes we must make trips that can be business rather than pleasure, but in any case, there is a complication and it is to decide what we really need to take to that journey, for which the Chinese company Xiaomi, has become an expert in this field, presenting an extensive catalog of suitcases that meet the consumer’s needs and preferences, an example of this is the Xiaomi 90 Minutes Spinner Wheel with amazing features, or the latest wonder of the company and protagonist of this section, the Xiaomi Business Suitcase, which will surely become the favorite for our luggage. So, we invite you to stay with us to fully understand the features of this suitcase.

Xiaomi Business Suitcase

Xiaomi Business Suitcase: Design

The design of this suitcase is not far from its predecessors, so it maintains a minimalist appearance, which provides touches of a highly elegant and refined product. On the other hand, it is available in gray with black details, meticulously chosen colors to give a more elegant and sophisticated impression.

Xiaomi Business Suitcase: Design

The trend is: the smaller and portable the greater the attractiveness of the product, that is, there are many users looking for an accessory with these characteristics, which allow carrying what is necessary without complications at the time of transport, this is thanks to its 20 inches, which fit perfectly to take everything required to a weekend away from home, this suitcase has the following dimensions: 55.9 centimeters long, 37 centimeters wide, 23 centimeters thick and weighs: 4,3 kg

Xiaomi Business Suitcase: Design

The Xiaomi Business Suitcase uses in its manufacture an advanced material of Bayer PC and oxford cloth that guarantees durability, resistance to falls, scratches and even water, that is, it ensures protection to the contents of its interior.

An interesting and distinctive detail in this suitcase is the presence of a front compartment that not only offers us a series of divisions to have everything well located but also has a direct access to its interior, leaving behind the need to open it. This new feature gives the Xiaomi Business Suitcase extra points, proving to be an excellent article when traveling and carrying tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc. with us.

Xiaomi Business Suitcase: Design

As for its interior, like other models, it has the same distribution of its compartments. Therefore, we will break down what it brings inside. On its left side, it has a tape to hold the clothes, and enough space for all the clothes we need according to the occasion.

On the other hand, the Xiaomi Business Suitcase has on its right side a pair of small pockets where we can leave some objects that will be on sight quickly after opening the suitcase.

Xiaomi Business Suitcase: Design

Continuing with the image of this wonderful product, we see that in addition to having great build materials, additionally, it has 4 extremely silent universal wheels, perfect for rolling on any surface without causing annoying noises.

Xiaomi Business Suitcase: Design

To finish, we appreciate an adjustable traction bar that is stable and smooth, it can even be adjusted in 4 different levels thus fulfilling the height of our hands and it will be very simple for us to move the suitcase around.

Xiaomi Business Suitcase: Design

Xiaomi Business Suitcase: Guaranteed security

The suitcase is a personal accessory since it possesses private belongings and of great importance for us, for which, not everyone should have access to its interior without our consent. Now, under this regulation, the Xiaomi Business Suitcase has a TSA type locks certified by the Transportation Security Administration, which guarantees multiple protection through a 3-digit code, as we can see in the image below is double, because Now you must protect two different zones (front and top).

Xiaomi Business Suitcase: Guaranteed security

Xiaomi Business Suitcase: Specifications Table

Basic information
Manufacturer: Xiaomi
Product name: Xiaomi Business Suitcase
Model: Suitcase
Manufacturing materials: Bayer PC and oxford cloth
Color: Gray with black details
Dimensions: 63.00 x 45.00 x 30.00 cm
Weight: 0.365 kg
Package content
Includes: 1x Xiaomi Business Suitcase

Xiaomi Business Suitcase: Where to buy it?

Currently, you can buy the Xiaomi Business Suitcase on the Gearbest online store for the small price of $99.98 (€85.60). In the case of being interested, below we will provide the link that will take you there:

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