Xiaomi Bumblebee Polyhedron Computer Backpack Offered For $162.51

Last month, released a new backpack in their Youpin store called the Xiaomi Bumblebee Computer Backpack. The backpack is licensed by the well-known manufacturer of toys and board games “Hasbro”, which has the rights of Transformers since 1982. The corporate logo of the transformers, which flaunts at the top of the backpack, has become one of the central design elements. The backpack seems to be ready at any moment to transform into the famous hero of the film “Bumblebee”.

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Stylish design and maximum comfort

The most striking feature is the polyhedron shape of the backpack which helps to make it look futuristic and tough. The backpack consists of 4 layers with a double shell made from high strength PC and EVA. This ensures that it’s tough, durable and water resistant. The backpack measures 53 x 35 x 16cm with a capacity of 16 Litres and is made up of several compartments including one that fits a laptop up to 15.6?. The backpack has an ergonomic shoulder strap with thick cotton lining and a removable chest buckle. Furthemore the backpack features a discrete zipper located at the rear and a luggage strap.

It is certainly worth noting such a bold design that looks like a facet of a precious stone, it is like a powerful shell that protects the inner contents from the external environment. Each design element is thought out to the smallest detail and is intended to cause the user not only an association with a fantastic generation of transformers but also to provide maximum comfort to the modern user. The Xiaomi Bumblebee comes in 2 colors – Grey and Yellow with both featuring the Transformers logo on the top.

The combination of quality and strength


The backpack is made from a combination of very high quality and durable materials that will provide reliable protection of the contents. Even pouring rain at all. After all, it is made of durable polycarbonate, which is characterized by high strength, wear resistance, excellent thermal and thermal insulation characteristics. Your things behind him are “like a stone wall.”

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Waterproof and flexible EVA material

In addition, one of the layers of the backpack is made of EVA material, which has the following characteristics: water resistance, elasticity and elasticity, as well as the ability to retain heat. EVA material is resistant to fungi and bacteria.

Leather interior

The interior of the faux leather backpack definitely leaves a pleasant impression. Everything is done so professionally and even skillfully that it is fully worthy of the “highest league” of modern backpacks.

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Enough space for modern gadgets.

The internal volume of the backpack – 16 liters. There is enough space in it to accommodate a laptop, tablet, periodicals, paverbank, accessories and something from clothes. The internal compartment has several sections, pockets, so that you can place your gadgets as ergonomically as possible.

High-quality fasteners complement the image of a stylish and sturdy backpack. Xiaomi Transformers Bumblebee Backpack – a backpack in which your belongings are as if under the powerful protection of transformer armor.

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Perfect backpack for the modern user

In the modern rhythm of life very often you have to take with you a lot of things, gadgets, literature. Everything you need for work, study, recreation can be placed in the ultra-modern backpack Xiaomi Transformers Bumblebee.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Bumblebee Polyhedron Computer Backpack

The Xiaomi Bumblebee Polyhedron Computer Backpack is currently available on Gearbest for $162.99



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