XIAOMI BOBOT WIN3060 Remote Control Window Cleaner Offered for $219.99(Coupon Code)

It is quite difficult cleaning the windows especially when you are living in a very tall building. This act of manual cleaning also takes some time considering the stress you have to go through before the job is thoroughly done. There are some window cleaners in the market already, but the Xiaomi BOBOT WIN3060 automatic glass cleaning robot has been promised to be the very safe during usage and most effective option for you to clean all the glass door surfaces in living space quickly and simply.

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Price without coupon: $259.99 on Banggood
Coupon 1 ($219.90): BG2Clean
Coupon 2 ($219.99): BGBinKupon916
Coupon 3 ($220.99): BGMIB2
Coupon 4 ($220.99): TS15prime
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Why is it necessary to get the BOBOT WIN3060 automatic glass cleaning robot?

Currently, there are quite a lot of devices that help users to clean the glass which takes a lot of time and effort. However, these traditional accessories are both inconvenient and not effective for thorough cleaning. The BOBOT WIN3060 on the other hands, works completely independently and scientifically, helping users save time, freeing energy and the most effective cleaning.


Detailed specifications Automatic glass cleaning robot BOBOT WIN3060

  • Size: 250 x 250 x 97mm
  • Battery: 600mAh
  • Weight: 1.35kg
  • Rated voltage: DC 24V
  • Rated power: 75W
  • Charging time: 1 hour
  • Noise level: 65dB

Smart navigation ability

With BOBOT WIN3060 automatic glass cleaning robot, users can easily customize the cleaning route of the machine according to how they want the job to be done. Specifically, you can customize the N-line direction from the bottom up, Z-line from left to right or in the dual-auto-auto mode the machine will perform N-line direction before and continue to Z-line later. Especially after completing the cleaning route the machine will automatically return to the starting place. Users only need to use the 2.4G remote controller to remotely control the device.

Modern engine, safe against falling

BOBOT WIN3060 robot is equipped with a long-life brushless motor for the ability to operate efficiently with a capacity of 75W, while the noise level is only 65dB. Moreover, the engine also helps create a vacuum force of 2500PA, which is extremely strong on the cleaning surface and the ability to monitor the air pressure in real time. It also works based on human mimic mimicking mechanism, thereby increasing cleaning efficiency, thoroughly cleaning the glass surface without leaving blemishes, or mist.

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Moreover, this automatic glass wiper also has a built-in anti-drop detector sensor. Specifically equipped with Touch-Sensor edge sensors, sensor recognition frame, sensor rotation, this helps the machine easily identify obstacles, avoid collision and fall while operating. In addition, 4mlong safety belt with load capacity up to 150kg is also equipped to protect equipment and users in case of risk of falling, falling.

Flexible, versatile design

BOBOT WIN3060 glass cleaning robot is designed to be extremely compact, flexible with a thickness of only 9.7cm from which gives the ability to deep clean in narrow positions and designs. Note that users need to ensure that the distance between the glass door and the outside cage door is 10cm so that the machine can operate stably in the middle of the two door frames safely. In addition, the machine also offers good compatibility with all surfaces such as bathroom glass, large tile surface, … more versatile for all work of cleaning the space for users.

In particular, one more flexible point of this automatic glass cleaning robot is that users can flexibly supply power directly or use the battery for the machine when the power is off. 600mAh capacity battery with the ability to operate continuously for 40 minutes with just 1 hour of full charge.

Where To Buy The XIAOMI BOBOT WIN3060 Remote Control Window Cleaner

The XIAOMI BOBOT WIN3060 Remote Control Window Cleaner is currently available on Banggood for $219.99 using the coupon code below. Click the link below to get this amazing product.

Price without coupon: $259.99
Coupon 1 ($219.90): BG2Clean
Coupon 2 ($219.99): BGBinKupon916
Coupon 3 ($220.99): BGMIB2
Coupon 4 ($220.99): TS15prime
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