Xiaomi Bluetooth Selfie Stick for MiJia Camera Available For Just $23.03

The truth is that there are many selfie sticks, but today we want to tell you that you can now buy the Xiaomi Bluetooth selfie stick for the MiJia Action Camera 4K. If you want to know how to get it and its features, you will have to continue reading, because it is one of the most complete and best we found in value for money which cost just $23.03

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Like all Xiaomi products or almost all has a level of finishing of the first order, the materials used are of sound quality and both adjustments and terminations are the best that you can find in the market. Among the materials used, we will find gummy finishes in three different areas. The first of these is the fixing pins where we will place our terminal, It is very important because it helps to hold the MiJia Camera firm to the Selfie Stick in other to avoid our MiJia Camera falling to the ground.

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The second area with this finish is the one located in the central area of the Xiaomi Selfie Stick Tripod, here it is presented with a slightly rougher touch and it is where we will place our detachable remote control, a great success. Last but not least, it is the tires that have the three legs of the “Tripod” that will prevent it from slipping, they certainly present very good grip.

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The tripod function is a “must have” of this small Xiaomi gadget that as the icing on the cake which allows us to take the remote control of our selfie stick and be able to get away about 10 meters to take some good snapshots.This was the main reason why I ended up putting the Xiaomi Selfie Stick Tripod in the shopping cart. It has a 47cm from the lower end to the center of the terminal location, so if we do not have a good arm, we will have to stretch it in “boomer” mode so as not to end up cutting some limb to our relatives.

The remote control has Bluetooth connection as is evident and its eases connection with our smartphone, as you can imagine is very simple. For its power, it has a mini battery of 55 mAh which can last for days. The remote was left on for two days and still with its blue light indicating that its battery will still last for a while. It can be charged using a micro USB charger as it sports a micro USB port

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In short, we are faced with a selfie stick that is somewhat different from the rest and that has in its tripod function and it’s construction quality two weighty arguments to tip the balance enough to end up buying it.



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