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Xiaomi is a renowned name in tech products. This time I will review Xiaomi Blasoul Y720 keyboard. Xiaomi Blasoul Y720 is a mechanical keyboard with enriched features and cook appearance. It has been designed with various types of keys and perfect for heavy usage. Xiaomi hae used advanced technologies here and some features have made it different from others. Now we are gonna take a look on Y720’s features and everything. So let’s go get a full Xiaomi Blasoul Y720 review.Xiaomi Blasoul Y720 review

Xiaomi Blasoul Y720 Review

Now we will see Blasoul Y720’s design and appearance and main features. You will see here what users are thinking about it after their experience with Blasoul Y720 and what experts are thinking about it. So, let’s go.

Design And Appearance

Xiaomi Blasoul Y720 has come with a cool and attractive design. All of its keys are arranged in a traditional way and you can easily cope with it in your traditional typing techniques.

All the keys are designed with advanced technologies and you can use it in a comfortable way. The size of the keyboard isn’t too big or too small.

The most amazing thing is its backlight support. It has designed with monochromatic backlight and it makes its appearance better. It will be an incredible experience for you in gaming atmosphere or in night usage.

As per experts’ and users’ opinions, Xiaomi Blasoul Y720’s design and appearance is far better and it has been rated with good marks for its design.

I can assure you its amazing design and cool appearance will amuse you certainly.

The Hardware and connectivity

Xiaomi Blasoul Y720 is a mechanical keyboard with strong and advance hardware components. Let’s take a deep look.

It is made with ABS materials and it’s physically strong and durable.

It’s different from other keyboards as it has been designed with lot of switches like Cherry Switch, Anti-ghosting Switch etc. It has 104 keys. The switches under the keys and its tactile properties made Blasoul Y720 more perfect and a better one to choose.

It’s a wired keyboard with USB interface and there is no Bluetooth or wireless is enabled. The cable length is 1.8 meter.

That’s all about its hardware properties. The switches and physically strong components have made it unique one.

Cherry Switch for Smooth performance

Xiaomi Blasoul Y720 is designed with famous German Cherry Switch. This cherry switch is the parameter which differentiate mechanical keyboards from normal keyboards. Every key on this keyboard is nicely designed with cherry switches. There are several parts in cherry switches which ensure better experience and comfort feeling.

If you are a gamer, this keyboard is a perfect option for you. When you are using this keyboard, you will hear a beep sound after confirming a key press and this is amazing. This cherry switch enabled keyboard will give a better gaming experience with instant response and smooth performance.

All key Anti-ghosh switch

This is another interesting one. Xiaomi Blasoul Y720 is an anti ghosh enabled keyboard. When you are pressing multiple keys accidentally at a time, anti-ghosh feature prevents keyboard from taking inputs of any of those pressed keys and hence, there occurs no problem.

All keys of  Blasoul Y720 is designed with anti ghosh switches properly. This feature is helpful if you are in a hurry or you are doing an very important task. If you are a gamer, this can help you in many cases as well.

This anti ghosh switch enabled keyboard prevents any wanted situation while you are using it and makes your experience better.

Fast response Speed

Response speed is a key factor for keyboard performance. Bad response speed can make the performance of a well configured keyboard terrible. Xiaomi Blasoul Y720 is extremely fast and it’s response time is 3ms. Blasoul Y720’s fast reaction speed will make you feel great while you are using it.

Long lasting Keyboard Lifespan

Xiaomi Blasoul Y720 is offering you long lasting Keyboard Lifespan. All the keys are designed to withstand 50 millions pressings. This is incredible. You can use it for heavy gaming purposes easily as it is designed to be used like so.

Why you will choose Xiaomi Blasoul Y720?

If you a gamer or you need a keyboard for heavy purposes, you will surely search for a mechanical keyboard. Xiaomi Blasoul Y720 is exactly what we meant by mechanical keyboard.

It is mainly designed for gaming purposes. If you are a professional one, then it’s perfect for you but you can also use it you are an amateur. You can use it like normal keyboards as well.

Strong and durable hardware components with the key switches and made it a perfect one. Moreover, it is designed to make you feel comfortable while you are using it. All the key switches and the suspension keys will provide you a smooth performance. As per users’ and experts’ opinions, its features deserves a full rating. I personally want to rate it 9/10 for its features and smooth performance.


Everything about Xiaomi Blasoul Y720 has been discussed already. If you are still reading for any negative matter about Xiaomi Blasoul Y720, you will be happy to know there is none. Its awesome features makes it perfect one. Cherry switches, Anti-ghosh switches, suspension keys and long lasting life times with fast reaction speed have made it a complete package. In a word, it is designed in such a way that you have to be amused. So, if you need something like that, you can give a try with Xiaomi Blasoul Y720.

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