Xiaomi Black Shark Royal Blue Releasing Tomorrow

This morning, Black Shark officially announced the launch of a new color version of the Xiaomi Black Shark game phone. The Royal Blue version will be officially launched at Jingdong Mall on June 15 at 10:00 am. However, there will be only the 8+128GB capacity version, priced at 3499 yuan. Thus, it is 500 yuan higher than the selling price of the original model. Prior to this, Black Shark’s game phone was only available in Dark Night and Black Ash color options.

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Xiaomi Black Shark

The Xiaomi Black Shark game phone was released on April 13. On the first day of the sale day, it was completely sold out. What’s more amazing, there were over 1 million units. It’s not accidental. The Black Shark is considered to be the best game phone around the globe. Maybe this title will be transferred to the ASUS ROG game phone. But the latter will debut in a month. Plus, the Black Shark is priced quite affordable in terms of price-over-hardware ratio. Agree, $469.99 is an amazing offer.

Well, the Royal Blue variant will come with the same features and appearance. Thus, the only change refers to the coloring of the body. Therefore, the Xiaomi Black Shark still features a 5.99-inch 18:9 IPS display with frontal fingerprint recognition. The brand’s logo is backlit.

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Xiaomi Black Shark

In terms of performance, in addition to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 mobile platform, the Black Shark also joined Qualcomm to optimize more than 500 games. The multi-stage, one-touch, integrated liquid cooling system with integrated metal fusion solution provides a heat dissipation area of 6,000 square millimeters, a 20-fold increase in CPU cooling efficiency, a 70% increase in CPU maximum frequency runtime, and a CPU core temperature reduction of up to 8°.

The Xiaomi Black Shark game phone is equipped with a 4000mAh battery, which supports QC3.0 fast charging, and pioneers the X-shaped smart antenna. When playing games, you can avoid pressure on the antenna when holding the phone with both hands, affecting the network situation and completely bid farewell to the ‘death grip.’

As a reminder, the price of the 6GB+64GB version is 2999 yuan, while the 8GB+128GB model costs 3499 yuan.



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