Xiaomi Black Shark Global Version Available at $459.99 [Coupon]

According to newzoo, the global games market will reach $115.8 billion revenue in 2018. What’s more interesting smartphones will be the most used devices for playing games. They count for 35%. They are followed by game consoles with a predicted number of 30%. Finally, PCs are in the third position with 21%. The mobile games revenue will reach up to $52.7 billion. All these numbers show the gaming industry is changing. In 2020, its advantage over the rest of gaming platforms will be obvious reaching 40%. This simply means smartphones should be optimized for gaming to meet the customers’ requirements. All those manufacturers that don’t do this will appear out of the game. But seems, these predictions don’t cause much stir in the market, as only two manufacturers have announced their intentions about making true gaming smartphones. The Xiaomi Black Shark is already out and available at $459.99. 

Even do not try to think the Razer Phone has been launched earlier and it should be named as the first gaming smartphone. It didn’t cause much disruption in the mobile phone market.

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Xiaomi Black Shark

The Xiaomi Black Shark is a monster-like device with all senses of this word. It comes with a bossy back side that is made of metal, plastic, and glass. The back looks quite attractive due to its sports design elements. Actually, it can be considered as one of the most recognizable smartphones around the globe. With the black metal and green plastic/glass elements, it shows how a true gaming smartphone should look. There is also the S logo in the center that is flashing to the beat of the ringtone.

Xiaomi Black Shark

On the front, the Xiaomi Black Shark looks like a regular full-screen smartphone with a 5.99-inch Full HD+ resolution and a home button below it that also carries a fingerprint scanner. Black Shark has come up with an independent image processing chip. It allows the phone to support the DCI-P3 color gamut, making the screen clearer in dark game scenarios. Of course, it is packed with a Snapdragon 845 chip, which is known as the world’s most powerful mobile SoC.

Xiaomi Black Shark

To come in with a true gaming smartphone, Xiaomi and Black Shark Technology have made a few enhancements in a few areas. Say, it is packed with a 4000mAh battery that can provide up to 4-5 hours of continues playing. But if you spend more time on playing mobile games, you will need to recharge it 2-3 times in a day. Fortunately, it supports Quick Charge 3.0 that will make the charging process shorter.

Xiaomi Black Shark

Second, usually, the antennas are placed on the four corners of a phone. But it causes the well-known antenna ‘death grip’. This simply means the most of smartphones (including the iPhone) suffer from a poor connectivity when holding the phone in a landscape mode. As you guess, the Xiaomi Black Shark will be used in this mode more than in a vertical mode. To solve the problem related to the connectivity, the manufacturer came in with an innovative approach locating the antennas (GPS/WiFi, dual-4G LTE, and WiFi MIMO) near to the center axis.

Next, when playing games the phone heats. It’s common problem. So the manufacturer has decided to use a multi-stage direct-touch one-piece liquid cooling system with an integrated metal dissolution solution, which hasn’t appeared on the mobile phones ever. Black Shark claims their heat dissipation system can reach 6000mm2, the CPU core temperature can be reduced by 8°C, and the CPU’s maximum frequency running time can be increased by 70%. It is implemented in two phases. First, the heat source generated is conducted to the heat pipe through the high thermal conductivity material. Second, the heat pipe conducts heat to the heat-dissipating substrate with coolant and high thermal conductivity copper. At last, the multi-graphite with excellent heat dissipation performance transfers heat from the heat-dissipating substrate to the entire mobile phone for uniform heat dissipation. As a result, the heat is uniformly transmitted from the single heat-generating component to the outer layer of the mobile phone for effective heat dissipation and cooling.

At last, the Xiaomi Black Shark comes with two new features. First, there is a special Shark key on the right side of the phone. Its function is to enter the special game mode after dialing the top part. In this mode, all covered games will be included in the mobile phone and will be displayed in a horizontal view. This is similar to the display style of the Nintendo handheld. Moreover, it will be based on the users’ preferences. Thus, users can set which games they like to play and include them in this mode. The latter will also show the remaining power. Second, it comes with an interesting accessory, a left-hand-side gamepad. When attached to the phone it will serve as a handheld gaming console’s left side, while you have to use the screen touch keys for the right-side operations.

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