Xiaomi BEEBEST 8X Binocular Telescope Offered For $69.99

The Xiaomi BEEBEST Binocular Telescope recently appeared on the crowdfunding platform of the Chinese OEM. This Xiaomi Binocular Telescope enjoys IP67 certification and therefore it is addressed to the most extreme explorers, thanks also to reduced dimensions and really pro features like the grounding to stabilize the image with the possibility of magnification up to 8 times.

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The Xiaomi BEEBEST 8X Binocular Telescope comes in an all-black color and is very portable and light. It has a dimension of 12.50 x 12.50 x 4.50 cm with a total weight of $111.39. With this, the device can easily be carried around without stress. It features a roof prism structure, simple design, and integrated molding process give the binoculars an exquisite and portable appearance. The eco-friendly glue-coated skin that, wrap the telescope tube which is delicate and non-slip, and has an excellent feel. Simply hang the telescope on your body and pack it in the bag tio make the travel easier and more enjoyale.

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The binocular offers an 8 times gold rate stable HD comfort experience. In order to stabilize the imaging while ensuring the magnification, 8 times is called the golden magnification of binoculars. The multiple is high enough and the imaging is well stabled. The 32mm objective lens brings ample light into the binoculars. 8X magnification and 10cm/1000m field of view, which allow you to find a wider distance.

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The  Xiaomi BEEBEST 8X Binocular Telescope produces true color just the way it is. The lens adopts ultra-wideband multi-layer coating process to improve the transmittance of the lens, allowing more light to enter the telescope, the field of view is clear and bright. The color reproduction is real and the prism inside the telescope barrel is coated with high anti-dielectric. High reflectance is achieved over the full spectrum.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi BEEBEST 8X Binocular Telescope

The Xiaomi BEEBEST 8X Binocular Telescope is currently available on Gearbest for $69.99 and comes with a free shipping option.



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