Fun Exercises with the Xiaomi Beat Smart Sports Dumbbells

Now you can train in a more entertaining way and with all the challenge of a video game.

Exercising is not usually of interest to everyone, but Xiaomi has developed an idea that could make it fun for anyone. Exercising will no longer be the same thanks to this product that has been designed for the Xiaomi Move It sports product line. From its Crowdfunding platform, Xiaomi and the Beat sub-brand announce the new Xiaomi Beat Smart Sports Dumbbells. So prepare to meet a special system with which it will be more fun to lead a healthy life.

Fun Exercises with the New Smart Weights Xiaomi Beat Smart Sports Dumbbells

Those who have little time or little desire to perform exercises will value their advantages much more. With these dumbbells, we can exercise in 10 minutes to have a good figure, because the most effective physical fitness is provided in short periods. Take less time exercising hard and get excellent results.

Goodbye to the traditional dumbbells

It’s Xiaomi who we’re talking about, so these weights will not be like the ones we know. They are intelligent devices that have a LED screen and a sensor that is capable of quantifying movements. These two elements are in a removable part located at one end of the weights.

Fun Exercises with the New Smart Weights Xiaomi Beat Smart Sports Dumbbells

These dumbbells have a small and comfortable design, as they come in a small size that you can carry everywhere. They are lightweight because they are made for cardiovascular and aerobic special training and routines. In addition, the Xiaomi Beat Smart Sports Dumbbells are very easy to use, thanks to its digital system that connects with the Move It application.

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They also have a 180mAh battery and a USB interface to recharge them. With only loading them for 30min you can do up to 300 minutes of exercises. In addition, it comes in three presentations with different weights, which are: 0.5Kg, 0.75Kg, and 1Kg. And indeed all versions have synchronization for the mobile application.

Exercise like in a video game

The application is downloadable for smartphones and tablets, has at least 30 routines. But the interesting thing is that at the beginning not all will be available. The user must unlock them as they accumulate experience and meet certain challenges.

Fun Exercises with the New Smart Weights Xiaomi Beat Smart Sports Dumbbells

With the innovation of different modes and elaborate body weight loss games, Xiaomi Beat Smart Sports Dumbbells ensures real training. More advanced users can exercise their muscles through different types of routines, such as the new Kickboxing mode. And for those who want a different rhythm, you can use the new dance routines that are effective as aerobic exercises.

Fun Exercises with the New Smart Weights Xiaomi Beat Smart Sports Dumbbells

Customize your goals and get level rewards for your achievements. Levels and objectives are designed for a better training. Observe your progress and your records through the application in much more detail.

Xiaomi Beat Smart Sports Dumbbells – Availability and Price

This advanced technology for different levels of fitness will give consumers a whole new experience. Without a doubt, is fun the idea of feeling that we are playing a video game while we are training. However, at the moment, Xiaomi Beat Smart Sports Dumbbells is only available at the Xiaomi crowdfunding store for a price of 99 yuan, equivalent to 13.23 euros or 15.43 dollars. But we hope to see it soon in international stores.


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