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Xiaomi launches the Little Bear Foot Warmer: Get It for $59.99

Xiaomi has got all kinds of products manufactured to cater to the needs of every member of the household in the winter/spring season. The products range from graphene heated goose-down jacket, water heater, home heater and now, the brand has launched the Little Bear Foot warmer presently on sale on Banggood online shop for just ,$59.99 using the coupon below.

If you like warm socks, home comfort and a hot cup of tea to do, this gadget can ideally fit into your comfort zone as well as your smart home. Xiaomi in cooperation with the Little Bear brand brings a new product, which we can be called electric foot warmer.

Price without coupon: $78.98
Coupon Code 1($59.99): BGFW59H

New with coupon

The new Xiaomi foot warmer has already been included in its offer by a well-known Banggood retailer, which also brings a discount coupon. The product is currently available in pre-order and the first packages are to be shipped after January 31 / January.

The EU Priority Line is also an advantage, which is completely free of charge and ensures you receive a package without having to pay any additional charges.

Ideal for winter

The foot warmer comes as a great product to the cold winter or upcoming spring. It contains a graphene heating core in its bowels and can be used with both bare feet and socks.

Said graphene brings about the property of rapid warming and releases infrared rays, which should be able to penetrate deeper parts of human skin. The feeling of warming is all the more intense. Xiaomi uses similar technology in its latest smart jackets models.

The novelty is also equipped with overheating protection, which ensures that the heater does not heat up too much above the acceptable level. The temperature can be controlled in four modes. The first is barefoot heating, the second with socks, the third offers even stronger heating and the fourth is focused on the transfer of heat to the feet.

Useful functionality

In terms of performance, the heater offers up to 170W, also has an automatic shutdown function after 4 hours of use, which is also another form of protection. The heating plate itself has dimensions of  525 x 330 mm, it can fit two pairs of feet, while it is reinforced with insulating material. This works as burn prevention.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the new product is available exclusively at Banggood, who has offered the coupon.

Price without coupon: $78.98
Coupon Code 1($59.99): BGFW59H



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