Xiaomi BEABORN 18L Hard Shell Backpack Offered For $79.99: A 180° Opening Closing 15.6inch Laptop Bag

The Xiaomi BEABORN 18L Hard Shell Backpack is one of Xiaomi innovation which as usual always tend to sweep a lot of people feet of the ground. The Backpack is a fashionable and durable backpack which everyone with the advancing lifestyle would love, as it tends to meet the requirement of our advanced world. Let’s get to meet this amazing backpack

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The Xiaomi BEABORN 18L Hard Shell Backpack like the name goes, it offers an amazing hard shell protection which your 15.6inch laptop can comfortably rest upon without the backpack pressing or compressing. It features a three-dimensional design concept. This is made so on the basis of ensuring the conventional items for daily travel are easily accommodated. The feature design of the beveling and material division of the body is carried out to achieve the visual effect of thinning the package body.

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The Xiaomi BEABORN 18L Hard Shell Backpack has an adjustable 180-degree opening and closing. The body can be opened and closed at 0-180 degree and it is greatly convenient to store items such as laptops and other stuff for traveling or camping. It has an S-type widened shoulder strap. The shoulder strap and the ankle strap are made of three layers of material, which is flexible and breathable. The S-shaped curve design fits the human body surface in the carrying process to achieve a comfortable experience for a long time.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi BEABORN 18L Hard Shell Backpack

The Xiaomi BEABORN 18L Hard Shell Backpack is currently available on Banggood for $79.99 and on Gearbest for $86.99



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