Xiaomi Baby Nail cutter ZHIBAI HFN1 offered for $37.99

Cutting nails for children has never been easy. Because children are very wiggling if they cut incorrectly, they will cause pain or injury to the child’s skin. Xiaomi Baby Nail cutter ZHIBAI HFN1 make nail clippers simpler and more comfortable.

Xiaomi Baby Nail cutter ZHIBAI HFN1

Detailed specifications

  • Brand: ZHIBAI
  • Model: HFN1
  • Color: green
  • Input: 5V 1A
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Charging port: USB
  • Maximum power: 3W (max)
  • Battery capacity: 650mAh lithium battery
  • Noise level: 68dB
  • Size: 138 x 138 x 57mm
  • Weight: 111g

Reasons for owning ZHIBAI HFN1 baby nail clippers

The cutting of nails for children requires meticulousness and care, and only a slight movement from the baby’s hand can make the cutting big mistakes, thereby hurting and dangerous children. Understand that Xiaomi Baby Nail cutter ZHIBAI HFN1 was born with an intimate, easy-to-use design, making it easier for parents to cut their nails. Besides HFN1, nail clippers can also be used to care for nails for all family members.

Xiaomi Baby Nail cutter ZHIBAI HFN1

Safety nail head design

Xiaomi Baby Nail cutter ZHIBAI HFN1 are explicitly designed for babies. The ergonomically designed circular R-shaped knife face touches soft skin. Besides, the 3-way cutting head with a rough head for 360-degree nail grinding has a higher nail cutting effect. The U-shaped cladding and veneer section protects the outside, curved design, suitable for the shape of the nail, helping to protect the surrounding skin from injury during the cutting process.

Xiaomi Baby Nail cutter ZHIBAI HFN1

The box stores smart crumbs

The clippings of nails after cutting are concentrated in the cutting head. Besides, the head of HFN1 nail cutter is easily removed with one button, and users just need to open and shed nails. Pretty convenient to use and clean.

2 flexible, customizable modes

The Xiaomi Baby Nail cutter ZHIBAI HFN1 is equipped with two modes of use, allowing users to flexibly customize it to suit their intended purpose. Specifically, in mode 1 is a light mode to fine-tune soft nails, and mode 2 is mode 2, which helps to quickly cut long nails and sharpen nails.

Xiaomi Baby Nail cutter ZHIBAI HFN1

Powerful engine, low noise

Xiaomi Baby Nail cutter ZHIBAI HFN1 is equipped with ultra-small but high-performance motor with a stable working speed of 6000r /min. However, when operating a nail cutter, the noise level is as low as 68dB, like the sound of rustling leaves, does not affect your baby’s sleep, making nail clippers more straightforward even when your baby is sleeping.

Xiaomi Baby Nail cutter ZHIBAI HFN1

Detailed design, user friendly

All Xiaomi Baby Nail cutter ZHIBAI HFN1 are covered with eye-catching green color and funny bear shape design. Besides, the cutting machine is designed with convex bear legs, which are the anti-slip effect when users hold it, suitable for use with ordinary people with sweaty hands. The bottom charging port has a dustproof design for exceptional protection.

How to buy?

Product is shipped from the Chinese warehouse of Banggood, remember to select priority direct mail in order to have international tax free shipping. You can also check local warehouses offers, available directly on the product page!


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