Xiaomi wins 5 new awards courtesy of El Español and ADSL Zone

Since its beginning, Xiaomi has been a company that has aimed to be the best, so it has sought various ways to offer the best products and services that can be achieved in the Chinese and international market, starting with their Smartphones, and going through their many laptops, devices made for the home, clothes and even their own operating system that is the favorite of many users.

Throughout its commercial life, this company has reaped many successes, not only in sales, but also it has received countless awards for its products, and now 5 new ones have been added to that long list, thanks to El Español and ADSL Zone.

Xiaomi wins 5 new awards courtesy of El Español and ADSL Zone

New awards given to Xiaomi

Through its Twitter account, Xiaomi Spain made a publication in which they indicated that “Last Thursday, El Español and ADSL Zone gave us 5 awards that tasted to glory… Thanks so much for that!” According to what can be seen in the company’s publication, the awards they received were the following:

  • “Largest IoT platform in the world”: This was the first award granted by El Español, referring to the branches that the company owns that specialize only in this type of technology.
  • “Best laptop“: This award was also from El Español, and Xiaomi was awarded in this category thanks to the Mi Laptop Air 13.3“. This is included in the list of awards given to the laptops of the company.
  • “Best Smartphone of all the year 2018″: This is the first award granted by ADSL Zone and was for the Xiaomi Mi A2, demonstrating once again the incredible quality of Xiaomi smartphones.
  • “Best Smartphone of 2018 in the category of Premium Media”: This award was delivered to the Mi MIX 2S, also courtesy of ADSL Zone.
  • “Better design of a Smartphone”: It was given to the Mi MIX 3, because its designs is not only elegan, but also very functional.

New awards given to Xiaomi

All the awards that this company receives every year do nothing but corroborate something that is already known all over the world and continues to be demonstrated daily: it is all about the amazing quality that Xiaomi has and everything it is willing to offer in one of the most competitive markets that exists today, which is the technology market, so many congratulations to Xiaomi for its success!

Source: Twitter

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