Xiaomi Automatic Inflatable Cushion offered for $41.58

Of the items needed for outdoor camping, most people only pay attention to tent preparation. But that’s not enough because tents can’t be smooth enough for you to sleep comfortably. Therefore, what you need at this moment is the Xiaomi automatic inflatable cushion to turn the weekend picnic experience with the family fun.

Xiaomi Automatic Inflatable Cushion

Product specifications Xiaomi automatic inflatable cushion

  • Brand: Xiaomi
  • Cushion size: 192 x 65 x 5cm
  • Cushion size after roll: 65 x 18cm
  • Net weight: 1.6kg
  • Fabric material: rain cloth
  • Buffer core material: sponge

Xiaomi automatic inflatable cushion is a kind of accessory that supports your outdoor field trips. Because the ground often contains a lot of sand, gravel, and heat, moisture from the ground is also not convenient to lie back so the cushion will play a role as a “bodyguard”, to help prevent absolute moisture and ensure an outdoor sleep good for you

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Xiaomi Automatic Inflatable Cushion

The air cushion is designed to be a homogeneous block that includes both a pillow and a cushion, with the average size of an adult’s size. When you need to use it, just pump air into the cushion. When there is no need to use it, just fold up the cushion, put in the bag and return to your picnic. The size after the stacking of the cushion is only 65 x 18cm so you can rest assured that the cushion is completely unoccupied in your luggage pile.

Xiaomi Automatic Inflatable Cushion

As mentioned above, the structure of the cushion includes pillows, so you don’t have to wear pillows anymore. On the other hand, the height of the pillow is completely adjustable according to the user’s needs, so you can pump a sufficient amount of air so that you feel you can sleep well. On the pillow has a built-in rubber inflatable button so you can easily pump when needed. After pumping, just close the button. The block on the pillow is very strong so you don’t need to worry that the vapor will be scattered out.

Xiaomi Automatic Inflatable Cushion

Inside the structure of the inflatable gasket is a highly elastic sponge. With a sponge thickness of up to 5cm and density of dense spots, the foam sheet will not sink or deform when lying down. In contrast, the cushion has a sufficient elasticity, which helps the mattress become more strained and ensures a good sleep, deepening between a seemingly harsh outdoor space.

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Xiaomi Automatic Inflatable Cushion

When lying on Xiaomi automatic inflatable cushion, you will feel comfortable and gentle because the air structure inside the cushion is always circulated continuously. Thanks to the sponge in the elastomeric cushions, the 5cm thickness will, in fact, be retained for 2.5cm to increase exposure to the bone, supporting the body’s soft structures. This reduces pressure and enhances comfort when using this accessory.

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Xiaomi Automatic Inflatable Cushion

Meanwhile, the fabric used to wrap the pads is Poly Pongee 190T rain cloth. This fabric is made from the polyester fiber, so it has a very smooth fabric fiber structure. Fabric texture is also very light, durable, anti-tear and bearing effect. When exposed to the sponge inside, there is no big friction. Even rubbing many times with the foam is absolutely not scratching.

If your family is crowded and needs more than one cushion, the process of putting together two or more pads is also straightforward. Thanks to the locking design on both sides of the cushion, you can link left and right to the next pad to form an extension for this buffer.

Xiaomi Automatic Inflatable Cushion

To use the automatic pump cushion, you first need to spread the mattress to a certain plane and then remove the 2-way nozzle under the cushion. Then wait a few minutes until the automatic cushion is fully stretched, then close the nozzle again. For pillows on the cushion, you need to actively pump air through the rubber hose on the pillow. However, it is necessary to pump a sufficient amount of air so that the knee height is sufficient for your use.

Where to buy Xiaomi Automatic Inflatable Cushion?

The Xiaomi Automatic Inflatable Cushion is available on gearbest for just


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