Xiaomi AutoBot, the new Xiaomi vehicle support for Smartphones

A company that is known for having all kinds of products is Xiaomi, since its beginnings with Smartphones they have managed to expand throughout a myriad of markets, from household products to devices for vehicles. Today we are going to talk about the last kind since the company has released to the general public a new product called Xiaomi AutoBot. It is basically a support that fits in the vehicle to hold the user’s Smartphone at all times. Without losing more time, let’s see what it offers.

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Let’s know the  Xiaomi Autobot support

This support device has appeared in the Xiaomi Youpin store. With regard to its manufacture, the company in charge was Beijing Weige Interactive Technology Co., Ltd, and for its operation, it uses a magnetization system that allows it to adhere to the vehicle and be able to carry the Smartphone comfortably. More specifically, this support sticks to a surface and magnetizes with the Smartphone to have several dressings of magnets. It has been specially manufactured for large size and weight devices. Its construction has been made in ABS plastic and has two colors to choose from: black and gray.

Xiaomi Autobot

With the intention that the user is driving in the most comfortable way possible without the Smartphone interfering with his vision, this support can be located quietly at a distance that the driver considers ideal on the dashboard of the vehicle depending on the need that has at the time. With this, the user can calmly change the position of the Xiaomi AutoBot so that he can put the Smartphone closer or further away from himself or herself in case it bothers when driving.

Its utility beyond simply holding the Smartphone is to allow the user to firmly install the mobile so that it can be used as a screen or assistant in the vehicle. How many times has it not been necessary to have a GPS in the car while driving? This is one of the great wonders of the Xiaomi AutoBot. Thanks to the different viewing angles, the quality of the Smartphone screen will not matter since we can adapt it at will.

Xiaomi Autobot Design

This device has a total price of €8. Within a few days, it will be available for sale in different Asian stores at a slightly higher price, but it will also be worth it to avoid the installation of expensive navigation or entertainment devices in the vehicle.

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