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Xiaomi Apps: Mi Drop – Fast File Transfer

The Best File Transfer Tool.

Xiaomi is a brand recognized for selling high-quality equipment at affordable prices to the public that has integrated the IoT very well in household items. But they have not settled for that, because they also have a long career in the software area. A short time ago, it surprised its users by launching a new application on the market that works not only on the Smartphones developed by Xiaomi, but also supports all types of Android phones, regardless of the brand. Since its launch and in these last days, the application developed by Xiaomi has become very popular. We are talking about Mi Drop, a free application that is added properly in the MIUI but that works independently.

This application is freely available to anyone who wants to try it out, whether it’s a Xiaomi device or not. Available to download from the Play Store.

Mi Drop - The Best File Transfer Tool

What is still true is that Xiaomi continues to surprise us with its ability to create and develop quality products, it is clear that with Xiaomi we have not seen everything yet. The most interesting thing about Mi Drop is that we can not only store but share a lot of files and data without worrying about its size or weight.

What is Mi Drop?

Mi Drop is an application from Xiaomi to share files between mobile phones, regardless if they are from this brand or not. That may sound familiar because in the market there are many applications that give us the opportunity to do something like that. But what makes the Mi Drop application different is that it has several features of great appeal and difficult to find in its competitors.

What is Mi Drop? - The Best File Transfer Tool

The first thing we can comment is its simplicity in terms of design, has minimalist menus and a fairly clear platform that even the most novice in technology will use without complications. Mi Drop does not need a connection with internet to work and it is quite fast. This can exceed up to 200 times the speed of Bluetooth. And if we take into account the constant improvements of the new smartphones that come with BT 4.0 and BT 5.0 specifications, this can be another option. Of course, this may vary depending on the distance that exists between the devices

In the start panel of the application, we find two large circular buttons, the first of them is for send information and the other to receive it, very simple. What will be necessary is that both devices have the application installed on their Smartphone to share files from one phone to another. But, the good thing is that they do not need to have an internet connection.

How we can use this App?

Simple, we go to our mobile once we have the application Mi Drop installed, we open the app and if we want to send information we just have to press the blue button and from the other mobile the green button to receive the information. After that we choose the files that we want to transfer to the other device, no matter if this are videos, images, applications, music or any other type of file. Now it only remains to look for users of Mi Drop that are nearby and choose the smartphone to which we want to transfer the files.

How To Use Mi Drop? - The Best File Transfer Tool

Once we have selected the files or photos in the mobile that we want to send, in the mobile of the other person will appear a notice requesting the transfer of files, specifying the size and we want to receive it. If we give you accept the file transfer it will start and it will be ready in less time than expected.

How To Use Mi Drop? - The Best File Transfer Tool

Mi Drop also has multiple selection panels, so we will not have to select the files one by one, but we can send several at a time. We can stop shipments through the Mi Drop application whenever we want. However, Mi Drop allows you to re-establish them if you wish. With this application, we will reach transfer speeds of up to 10MB/s. Unless the files are excessively heavy, it may take a while, but it will not suffer any interruption.

How To Use Mi Drop? - The Best File Transfer Tool

Mi Drop: Fast Technology

At this point the question arises: How is it that Mi Drop is so fast and does not require internet? This application works in a similar way to applications designed a few years ago, apps like Airdrop, ShareIt or Xender, which do not require internet connection, phone data or bluetooth.

Mi Drop works with WiFi Direct, which is a technology that generates a Wi-Fi zone and this in turn creates a direct link that allows the connection between the devices. In this sense, Mi Drop uses WiFi technology without accessing the internet but to generate a private network that allows to establish a connection between the two mobiles. This technology is what allows Mi Drop speeds much faster than Bluetooth.

How To Use Mi Drop? - 200 Times Faster Than Bluetooth

This technology not only creates a connection but can detect when another mobile is nearby and can link them as it is with Bluetooth. So, in this way, you can start the transfer of files between a device and other.

Mi Drop from your computer

Mi Drop functions with FTP (File Transfer Protocol), which is a feature that allows users to transfer data between Android and PC devices. To gain access to this feature, users must ensure that both the PC and the phone have a connection to the same wireless network.

Once this is done, you must open the application and click on the “Connect to the computer” option to open the FTP server page. If the device supports external storage, the application will ask the user to choose between the SD card or internal storage. Once this is done, the FTP server starts and a custom address is created in the application that can be accessed from the PC in the browser or in File Manager.

Some other features of Xiaomi Mi Drop:

  • Login password protection.
  • Transfer encoding option.
  • Keep the screen active while the FTP server is running.
  • If the password is enabled, whoever needs to log in will need the proper credentials.
  • The transfer speed of the phone to the PC ranges between 1.5 and 2 Mbps (could be higher).
  • Interrupted transfers can be resumed.
  • No ads like the ones we see in Xender and ShareIt.

Specifications of Mi Drop

Android version: from 4.4
Developer: Xiaomi Inc.
Download it on: Google Play
Price: Free
Category: Tools

As you can see Mi Drop is a simple application to use and quite practical. The best thing is that doesn’t require internet, which allows you a better use and also does not come with the annoying advertising brought by other apps. We can use Mi Drop on any Android device, whether it’s Xiaomi or not. We just need to access the Play Store and download it for free. What better than that? If you want to check how good it is, do not wait any longer and go to download it, it’s great.



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  1. how can i install mi drop on my Windows 10 pc. how come you cannot explain that in simple terms. i google sites on the internet and all they lead me to sites wantimg my money or download this or that , things that i do NOT want. dont tell me i can get it on googlle play. is not google play for android? i want mi drop for windows 10 and NOT for android, and explanations as to how i can load it onto my windows PC. You people must learn to make things easy for consumers otherwise we are left at the mercy of criminals on the internet directing us to do this or that and stealing our money and information, and sending viruses. Please

  2. there is nothing to install on the computer …
    it is the smartphone that acts as FTP server.
    You can (on the computer) use a browser or FTP software
    (on a browser the url will be on the form: “ftp: // [IP address of the smartphone]”
    if you have entered a password on the smartphone for the application, you will be asked on the computer

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