Xiaomi Anti-UV Polarized Sunglasses with 80% discount on Gearbest

Nowadays, being fashionable is one of the priorities of most people. What better way to follow the trends than by using some accessories such as sunglasses? During the summer we are sure that they are indispensable for everyone. But the truth is that, if you want true protection and not just “look” well, you need real quality lenses and built sincerely for the benefit of the user. A pair of glasses with these excellent features are the Xiaomi Anti-UV Polarized Sunglasses TS Nylon Lens, which we currently bring to you with an incredible discount of 81% on Gearbest! Know them a little and do not hesitate to acquire them.

Xiaomi Anti-UV Polarized Sunglasses TS Nylon Lens


An important feature of the design of these glasses is that they have no edges and are very light. They have been manufactured using advanced manual work with state-of-the-art technology to create a spectacular frame without borders that makes them more elegant and attractive to the public. Specifically, they are made of  304H stainless steel, which contains 25% of the level of ordinary stainless steel, which provides frames for stable and lightweight goggles.

These polarized nylon lenses have a comfortable center of gravity in the back frame and only weigh 18g. If they did not, the nylon material is a transparent ultraviolet and ultrafine crystal. It is a material widely used in aviation, such as bulletproof glass and for military products; all this thanks to its advantages. One of them is there is no dispersion of visible light and the material itself can block UVA, UVB and provides different from the insulation in the film. Thus, the role of polarized lenses is to avoid glare, disperse light, make them see the true color of things without affecting the view and increase the saturation of color to make the vision clearer.

In general, the density of polarized nylon sunglasses is only 1.02g per cubic centimeter, being one of the lightest lens materials of today. In addition to the performance of the lens, the ergonomic design of the frame also determines comfort. Its essence is how to correctly establish the center of gravity (approximately 8mm), so it is deployed carefully in the nose and the legs are balanced in relation to the load, feeling incredibly light. Wear is avoided and at the same time, the best comfort is achieved.

In total, the width of the lenses is 145 mm, while the width and height of each lens are 60 mm and 52 mm, respectively. The length of the rod is 150 mm.


From the combination of nylon lenses + polarized film, we obtain effective isolation of the sun’s reflections that can damage the eyesight. The polarized film is imported from Japan and comes with multi-layer protection, restores true color and comes with an improved polarizing effect. It can protect the eyes from the “disordered” light that can come from all angles, combined with the horizontal direction of the light that comes directly into view. In this way, users feel more comfortable.

The nylon lens has a high resistance to impact/shock, scratching or cracking. As you can see, it has a colorful film but this is only for design reasons but both the blue and gold film allow to block the lens surface of ultraviolet light, effectively eliminate reflected light and scattered light, blocking light and establishing clearer images. Also, the surface of the film is anti-oil, so that water droplets and oil cannot be absorbed by the surface, making them easier to clean and maintain.

Xiaomi Anti-UV Polarized Sunglasses on Gearbest!

As already mentioned, the Xiaomi Anti-UV Polarized Sunglasses are currently on offer at Gearbest. It is currently available for $33.39  due to a discount that exceeds 80% discount. We urge you not to miss this magnificent promotion and get your pair of glasses as soon as possible. To make your shopping experience easier and faster, below we leave the direct link to the product page.



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