Xiaomi Anti-Lost Traction Bracelet at $4.99 [Coupon]

Every time Xiaomi comes in with a new product made for kids, we are glad. There are too many tech companies but only selected create something useful for parents and kids. Xiaomi has invested in myriads of manufacturers, including those that are aiming at kids. Among them, we can mention MITU, BEVA, etc. Just recently, Xiaomi ecological chain Enterprise Shanghai Shuo Mi Technology officially released an anti-lost traction bracelet, which is priced at $4.99 after applying the coupon (code: GBHGBBCT).

Xiaomi Anti-Lost Traction Bracelet

Briefly about Shuo Mi Technology – it was established on March 11, 2015, specializing in the production of smartphone casings and other accessories, as well as a variety of children’s products, such as kids folding carts, nano anti-bacterial T-shirts and more. So though this is the first anti-lost traction bracelet, this company knows what parents need.

The anti-lost traction bracelet adopts a two-way mode design, which is attached to the front side and reinforced on the reverse side to effectively prevent the baby from breaking off the bracelet. The thickness of the bracelet can be adjusted according to the size of the baby.

Xiaomi Anti-Lost Traction Bracelet

The anti-lost traction bracelet uses a sandwich design. The outer layer is made of high-transparent PU, the middle layer is nested with PVC white core, and the inner core is made of 301 steel. The wire can rebind quickly after stretching. The 301 steel wire is not easy to cut. It’s very durable.

Xiaomi Anti-Lost Traction Bracelet

The length of the anti-lost traction bracelet reaches up to 2 meters after full stretching, giving the child freedom when playing, while ensuring that he/she does not get out of the safe sight of the parent. At last, you can choose any from two color options– pink and blue. As you guess, the former one is for girls, and the latter is for boys.


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