Xiaomi and Microsoft: Great alliance in AI assistants

During the Xiaomi IOT Developer Conference, the Chinese company unveiled several alliances and partnerships that will be beneficial to the big IOT system that belongs to them. These alliances, above all, will be a great advantage in the aspect of smart home technology since they announced the cooperation with Ikea, with iKongjian and, of course, could not miss a new mention of Xiaomi and Microsoft.

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Xiaomi and Microsoft: A strong alliance that benefits IA support

If we took the associations that were announced in terms of AI, the cooperation with Microsoft is, in quotation marks, the most attractive of all. This partnership would be able to offer smart voice solutions. Under the partnership, users can use Xiaomi Xiao AI to call the Microsoft chat assistant robot named Xiao Bing so that you can enjoy the full service provided by both companies.

This service will be compatible with a wide variety of Xiaomi devices: smartphones with the version of AI 3.5 or higher, speakers and mini speakers with AI and Xiao AI, as well as all those devices controlled by the famous Yeelight assistant. On the phones, users can say the password so that the Microsoft assistant will respond, you can play freely and switch between both AI assistants.

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Although the system is already available in a satisfactory way, weekly updates will be launched where more features that enrich the alliance will be added. For example, it has been anticipated that one of the first updates will bring two AI features for communication with humans. The only thing we regret is that the Xiaomi AI is only available to people in China who know how to speak Chinese. It is expected that in a few months a multilanguage update will be available. In this way, everybody around the world will be able to enjoy the benefits of Xiao IA assistant.

Xiaomi and Microsoft: Rise in the stock market?

Believe it or not, Xiaomi’s alliance with Microsoft and Ikea have generated an increase in the stock market for the Chinese company. On the day of the announcement, Xiaomi’s shares amounted to 4.92%, so at the close, they were reported at HK $14.5. Thanks to the above, a market capitalization of HK $366.10 billion was generated.

Xiaomi and Microsoft: Great alliance in AI assistants

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