Xiaomi and Huawei join forces to manufacture Printers

Have you ever imagined both Chinese companies working together?

Over time, some Chinese companies have earned the popularity they have today. At first, Chinese brands were not thought of as offering quality, or even durable, products. However, companies like Xiaomi and Huawei have changed the perception of consumers with their products. But what would happen if both companies decide to ally? Recently, a report suggests that they are preparing to penetrate the home printer market.

As we know, the most famous and full of competition sector is in the smartphone industry. In this, companies like these have focused their efforts on taking part in the technology industry in general, developing smart articles for the home, accessories and even means of transport. All these products of great innovation and that have offered a pleasant experience to the users. Not to mention the low prices they offer compared to other brands.

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Xiaomi and Huawei phones
Mi Mix 2S vs Huawei P20 Pro

Xiaomi and Huawei will address the Printers Market

The intention of these two companies is not only to enter this market, but to take it and acquire a big reputation, as they have done with other products before. Not only will they be working on the development of better printers, but also on offering products that can match the competition, in terms of functionality and efficiency. But, as Xiaomi has us used, these printers will be offered for a much lower price.

However, competition in this sector of the technology industry is quite strong. It is dominated by companies such as HP, number one, EPSON, and Canon. Although, we have already seen how well Xiaomi and Huawei are doing with mobile development, even against giants like Samsung and Apple. In addition, they already have thought about applying a quite aggressive pricing strategy.

Currently, printers of recognized brands can be found at a price of $80 to $150. The rivalry in the printer market is about to intensify.

There is no doubt that both companies could achieve a place in this sector, we have seen the case of Xiaomi many times. Being such a creative company, they will certainly bring something to draw users’ attention to their printers. Soon we could see more news about the advancement of these products.

Xiaomi Xprint Photo AR Printer
Xiaomi Xprint Photo AR Printer

How much would you like to see a printer developed by Xiaomi and Huawei? What innovation do you think they will bring?


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