Xiaomi AMIRO HD Daylight Makeup Mirror Offered For Just $55.90

Recently, Xiaomi launched a makeup mirror, called “AMIRO daylight mirror”. The AMIRO daylight mirror gift box is specially designed for young consumers who pay attention to “appearance level”. It is a product that combines fashion technology with traditional makeup mirror.

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The AMIRO daylight mirror is similar to the traditional makeup mirror, but more simple and light. In order to facilitate logistics transportation, it adopts the split design, the main body of the mirror and the base can be separated, meanwhile it is convenient to storage, and can be easily put into the drawbar box, so as to facilitate the user who needs to make makeup at any time.

AMIRO daylight mirror design

The AMIRO daylight mirror’s lacquer used a similar grinding processing, that is durable and easy to maintain. Its height is about 32 cm, net weight 600 g. It powered by a built- in 2000mAh battery, so there is no need to connect the power supply for a long time to also can be used normally.

AMIRO daylight mirror back design

It’s called daylight mirror, which because it has the function of active light supplement. There is a Micro-USB charging port in the back of the mirror body, which can charge the internal battery. The switch on the side can adjust the brightness of the light supplement lamp. The brightness of a total of three gears can be selected to suit different makeup requirements.

the three brightness

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Compared with the traditional LED makeup mirror, the AMIRO daylight mirror is smaller in size, does not take up too much space on the dressing table, and the shape is more beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

The AMIRO mirror’s diameter is 17 cm, and just sitting in front of the dresser can reflects the entire face, making the process of makeup easier.

The most distinctive feature of the AMIRO daylight mirror is the use of a circular LED fill light. The bottom of the mirror is installed with two high brightness, high color LED beads. 1,000+times optical simulation calculations by the research team of the AMIRO daylight mirror, using the “low color loss” light guiding technology to make the light smooth as water at 100,000 light guiding points to conduct and spread, so as to make the light more uniform, and make the mirror light source and sunlight as high as 95% similarity. So as to create a more natural and delicate makeup effect. And, under stable light sources, it is not felt to be harsh even for prolonged use.

This time, the AMIRO daylight mirror was launched on the “Xiaomi preferred” channel and the gift box set is especially prepared for Mi fans. Anyone who buys the AMIRO daylight mirror gift box set from Xiaomi preferred channel will receive a 5 x HD magnifying glass and gift box package.

the 5 x HD magnifying glass and gift box package

As a Mi fans’ welfare, the 5x HD magnifying glass can be directly absorbed in the center of the mirror to enlarge the facial texture, which is conducive to more detailed makeup care and highly practical.

the 5x HD magnifying glass can be directly absorbed in the center of the mirror

Compared with the traditional LED makeup mirror, the biggest feature of AMIRO daylight mirror is to restore the real color. The makeup look seen in the makeup mirror is almost the same as that seen under natural light. The AMIRO daylight mirror is now available for sale on Banggood for $65.99 and Gearbest for $55.99



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