Xiaomi amazfit verge 2 avenger edition finally goes on presale

Huami has finally now put the most awaited the Xiaomi amazfit verge 2 avenger edition for pre-sale. The verge 2 avenger edition was launched in month of july. The same day company launched the verge 2 and ecg version of the watch.

The verge 2 was available on the sale at the same time and the ecg version and avenger edition were to go on sale at the end of the month.

Xiaomi amazfit verge 2 avenger edition

The company cites the complexity of the ceramic body and the high processing difficulty for the inability to meet up with the schedule.

The presale of the Xiaomi amazfit verge 2 avenger edition is now available for presale. The price of the watch is now offer at just $139.99.

The amazfit gtr was launched beside the amazfit verge 2. The amazfit gtr was the best sold watch of the year and the watch is still on the sale. The watch is now available in 47mm and 42mm. The price of the watch is set at $134.99 for the 47mm and $124.99 for the 42mm smartwatch.




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