Xiaomi Amazfit GTS vs Amazfit Bip Smartwatch: All you have to know and best price/ Availability!

Huami is the brand that makes the Xiaomi Mi Band and has its own Amazfit product line. This means that they have a lot of experience in the market and little by little they get really competitive smartwatches  . One of the last has been his Amazfit GTS and today we will compare it with the Bip to know all the differences.

Broadly speaking, the GTS comes to replace the Bip even if they are not framed in the same market, one is of much higher range. Even so it is interesting to know what they have been working on and if it is worth changing for the most recent model.

Comparison table of features: Amazfit GTS vs Amazfit Bip

Amazfit GTS
Amazfit BIP
Building Aluminium alloy Polycarbonate
Weight 24.8 grams 18 grams
screen AMOLED 341ppi 100% NTSC 1.65 ? 1.28 ? color reflectivescreen
Drums 220mAh with a charging time of 2 hours and up to 14 days of use in normal mode. 190mAh with a charging time of 2.5 hours and up to 30 days of use in normal mode.
Internal storage Does not have. Does not have.
Waterproof IP68 (valid for swimming) IP68 (valid for swimming)
Connectivity and sensors – Optical PPG
BioTracker – 6 axis
– 3 axis geomagneticsensor – Air pressure
– Light
-PPG heart rate sensor -3-axis accelerometer.
-Geomagnetic sensor.
-Air pressure.
Bluetooth and GPS version Bluetooth 5.0 / GPS + GLONASS Bluetooth 4.0 / GPS + GLONASS
Application Amazfit APP / Mi Fit My fit

The GTS has a better design and screen

Amazfit GTS Features

Two of the first things you realize when you have them next to each other is the design. One is built in aluminum alloy and that makes it feel much better in the hand. The Bip is made of plastic and, although that has the advantage that it is very light and you forget that you are wearing it, it is not so premium.

There is also no discussion on the screen : the GTS wins by a win. It has a larger AMOLED panel with a very good pixel density per inch and also takes much better advantage of the clock frames . It is able to give more information and not depend so much on the mobile.

The Amazfit GTS has more functions, although a little less battery

From a general level, the GTS is a much more complete watch than its brother. The first thing is that it comes with the BioTracker sensor capable of measuring our pulse 24 hours without a high battery cost. You can tell us about heart arrhythmias and how to keep us healthy. Your accelerometer is more accurate and usually has better hardware.

If you are an athlete, your ideal watch is the Amazfit Sports Watch 3 but it does not fall short either. It has 12 different modes for sport and you can customize the screens to show the information you need.

The only thing Bip is better at is its battery life and the reason is that it is a simpler clock. You can reach the month of use without messing up. The GTS promises 45 days in basic mode but surely you have not bought the watch to not use it, so it will take you about 15 days or so. Of course, it takes less time to load. 

At the same time, Amazfit GTS also uses a custom module dial design, users can customize the time, weather, events, motion data and other information displayed on the screen, which is very convenient to use. In addition, Amazfit GTS will also be online a variety of pointer-type, digital exquisite dial, so as to meet the individual needs of different users.

These features are not available in Amazfit Bip. Although the battery life of the Amazfit Bip is very long, this is a particularly practical point. But functionally, the, Amazfit Bip is more like a smart bracelet with the appearance of a watch. Of course, at this price, its performance-to-price ratio is still very high.

Is it worth buying the Amazfit GTS or replacing the Bip?

Amazfit GTS official

In our view, the answer is a resounding yes. We believe it is worth paying a little more for having a much more complete and current watch with more precise functions. If you are thinking of a substitute for the Amazfit Bip do not think about it, this GTS is a safe purchase.

Now, if you want to pay very little and have a GPS watch, the Bip is still the cheapest option on the market. It is much more basic but … For what you are going to pay you will not regret it, what do you decide?


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