Xiaomi Amazfit GTR Review: The Best Smartwatch Launched by Xiaomi So Far!

A couple of days ago, Huami introduced its new Huami Amazfit GTR smartwatch. The Chinese brand is very productive. Just a month ago, the company released the Amazfit Health Watch and Amazfit Verge 2, and now we see another new Amazfit GTR watch! All three last models of smartwatches are noticeably different from each other, but today we will only take a closer look at the new Xiaomi Amazfit GTR. Recall that Huami works together with Xiaomi, and produces wearable electronics for it, for example, the same Mi Band fitness bracelet. As you understand, reliable materials of the case, modern appearance and a large set of useful functions are guaranteed to us.

Product Version Price Coupon Warehouse
Xiaomi AMAZFIT GTR – 47mm Aluminum Alloy
Xiaomi AMAZFIT GTR – 47mm Stainless Steel
Xiaomi AMAZFIT GTR – 47mm
Stainless Steel
Xiaomi AMAZFIT GTR – 47mm EU


The new Xiaomi Amazfit GTR watch has a stunning design with a large selection of case sizes and materials, AMOLED display, dust and water protection, NFC support and long battery life. And that’s not all the benefits of the Huami Amazfit GTR! I am sure that the price will also pleasantly surprise you. Let’s start our review of the Xiaomi Amazfit GTR with a design, and later look at the features, features, and price.

We review the 47 mm variant. So when we mention the ‘Amazfit GTR’ we actually mention the bigger size variant. The 42 mm variant obviously a bit smaller, but also has some different specs (for example the battery life). Functionally both watches are similar.


The Amazfit GTR is boxed as every luxury watch should be packed: neatly packed in a black retail box with English texts and with the dimensions 11.5 x 11.3 x 5.5 cm (L x W x H). Inside this outer box, you find a white inner box with nicely clammed in the watch and nicely hidden away the manual and charging cable.

In the box you will find the following:

  • The smartwatch
  • USB Magnetic Charging Cable (no wall charger included)
  • English Manual


After having launched watches with incredible designs, Xiaomi returns to make its own, since the Xiaomi Amazfit GTR has an elegant and moderately striking design. This product is available in different colors and is divided into two sizes since there is a version with a sphere of 47 mm and another of 42 mm. In this case, the version that we will see today will be the 47 mm with an anthracite aluminum dial, although it is also available with a steel or titanium dial that has a slightly greater weight than the 34 grams of the version We will try today.

Regardless of the version chosen, they all adopt a very resistant zirconium ceramic frame that, combined with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protective glass, guarantees a high level of protection.

Unlike previous models, this watch has 2 control buttons located on the same side. The first is the classic ignition with the functions of turning off the screen (short pressure), returning to the dial (short pressure) and turning off the clock in its entirety (press for 10 seconds). On the other hand, the second button is a customizable function key for quick access to sports and non-sports activities.

Also, the strap supplied with the watch is made of real brown leather, while its interior is made of silicone with a wavy pattern that guarantees good stability in the wrist without having to tighten it or damage it. On top of that, this watch is compatible with any other 22mm strap with quick release.

On the other hand, the degree of waterproofing that this Xiaomi product has increased to 5 ATM (50 meters), which compared to the Verge’s IP68 is a great step forward. Due to this, it is possible to swim in the pool or in the sea without worries, even if AmazFit does not recommend its use in professional dives.


Being a true flagship device, the Xiaomi Amazfit GTR offers the best technical solutions available combined with the great experience acquired over the years by the Chinese company. The 1.39-inch color AMOLED display with 454 x 454 pixels ensures excellent visibility even in direct sunlight and is significantly better than those seen in previous models.

On the other hand, the 410mAh battery (which recharges in just over 2 hours), the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 and the introduction of Bluetooth 5.0 that are inside, along with good software optimization, have made it possible to achieve results Amazing autonomy:

  • 24 days in a typical scenario: all active tracking modes and 3 workouts per week.
  • 74 days in clock only mode: disconnected from the phone and without training.
  • 40 hours with GPS always active.

Having said that, the range of sensors is equally notable: GPS + GLONASS, a PPG BioTrackerTM optical tracking sensor, a 6-axis acceleration sensor, a 3-axis geomagnetic sensor, an air pressure sensor, sensor proximity, and an ambient light sensor.

In fact, the special optical sensor PPG BioTracker is to achieve a biological tracking, which together with an algorithm developed by Huami, is able to offer advanced and constant monitoring of the user’s heart rate on a large scale, being the fastest and fastest reading Accurate than previous models.


When the Amazfit GTR is powered on, it will display an instruction to download the Amazfit app (which is is available for both Android and iOS). To use this app, you need an account. Fortunately, next to using your email address you can also use the third party sign up methods, like your Mi Account or Google, Line, and Facebook. After you logged in and set your personal information (like weight and height), you can pair the watch by scanning the QR code from the app. That’s it. Now you can start using the smartwatch.

Watch UI

The way you interact with the Amazfit GTR is either via the touch screen or with the two dial buttons on the right side of the watch. You can psychically turn these buttons, but this won’t have any effect (you cannot scroll using the dial as you can do on an Apple Watch). Luckily, the touch screen is more versatile and feels very responsive. You can tap, swipe, long press, scroll, etc. You can either press a button on the tap screen to wake the device. This will last 8 seconds but can be adjusted to up to 15 seconds. A long touch press on the screen allows you to directly change watch faces. When you raise your hand the display will also switch on, so you don’t need to press anything to check the time. The vibrating alarm for the silent notifications feels like one in a phone.


Short pressing the top button will either wake up to the watch or switch it back off. A long press will bring you to the Shut Down and Reboot menu. Short pressing the bottom button will go to the defined quick start item. Default this is the activity menu (for all the activity types: read on) but this can be changed. This menu also shows battery percentage and expected time before recharge.

Shortcuts menu, Steps and Heart Rate

When scrolling from top to bottom you get to a shortcuts menu, with on top of the screen the battery life indication and current date, and the following functions:

  • Flashlight – when enabled the watch background will turn bright right. It can be useful to have a backup flashlight at your disposal, but it probably won’t beat the flashlight on your smartphone.
  • Adjust brightness – manually change the brightness of the display. Due to the brightness sensor, you can also decide to keep it on auto-brightness.
  • Do Not Disturb Mode – will disable your notifications. This also is configured for a certain time period or can be set to be enabled automatically. In the latter, the watch will enable DND mode once you are asleep.
  • Battery Saver Mode – When you enable this mode, it will just show the time and record your steps and sleep. That’s it. The black watch face, Bluetooth connection is disabled. Long pressing any button will disable this mode.
  • Screen lock – in this screen you can unlock the watch to enter the watch face page only by pressing a physical button. This should also save you some battery.

Swiping to left or right (no, the Amazfit GTR will not reject you) will show the status of your amount of daily steps and your heart rate.

Menu Setting

Swiping the watch screen from bottom to top shows an extended menu where you can easily scroll through. You can customize this menu through the Amazfit app. It contains the following menu items:

  • Status and Heart Rate – Will provide the same information on your steps and heart rate as when swiping to left or right.
  • Workout – start a certain workout. It is a long list of types: Outdoor running / Walking / Outdoor cycling / Treadmill / Indoor cycling / Open Water Swimming / Pool Swimming / Elliptical trainer / Climbing / Trail Running / Skiing / Exercise. Depending on the workout type the GPS will be activated.
  • Activities – shows your recorded workout activities, the statistics (including a nice GPS map) and whether they are synced with the Amazfit app.
  • Weather – shows the weather of your current location. Temperature, Wind force, Humidity, sun position, and upcoming weather. It updates when you sync with the Amazfit app.
  • Music – lets you control the music that is playing on your smartphone via the watch. Also shows the song information. The Amazfit GTR is no stand-alone music player, so it only works when you have your smartphone connected.
  • Notification – Stores a list of unread notifications you received on your phone.
  • Alarm – Sets an alarm based on a time and day (or multiple days). Supports multiple alarms and also set an alarm only once. You configure these alarms in the Amazfit app or on the watch itself.
  • Event reminders – reminds you of the events that you added through the Amazfit app. You cannot add new events through the Amazfit, and the events can only be 16 characters long.
  • More functions – A compass, a timer, count down and find mobile function.
  • Settings – Change the watch face, change the screen-on-duration, change the quick start-up menu (when short pressing the bottom dial) and show system information.
Facewatch Installation

Adding a watch faces can be done easily through the app. You go to the Watch Face settings and select the one you want. After that, you press the sync button and wait until the watch face is transferred to the GTR. This is a slow process (will sometimes take up to a minute), which probably has to do with the low energy characteristics of the Amazfit GTR. Changing the watch face will only transform the actual watch face, the other screens and menus will not change after changing a watch face. There is a limited number of watch faces in the app, but there are plenty of sites for custom watch faces like It requires some extra effort but it is certainly possible to get an additional watch face on the GTR.

Software and Functions

With respect to the software of this smartwatch, with the necessary differences, within the Xiaomi Amazfit GTR, there is a new version of the operating system that can be seen in the Verge LITE: it brings with it new graphics with larger writings, although it does not provide the function « Always active «. Having said that, and taking into account the abundant autonomy available in this product, we are sure that the developers will provide this function very soon.

On the other hand, the gesture of “lifting the wrist” so used by users is reliable and works 100% of the time. Through the complementary application, as can be seen in the other Verge devices, the user can choose the sensitivity and the time interval for activation.

With respect to the screen, the touch screen has quick answers that allow the user to easily move through the menus after a few hours of use. In addition, the new status bar allows quick access to DND mode, screen lock, flashlight, battery saving, brightness adjustment, and energy-saving; This last function allows you to double the autonomy by limiting the recording of only steps and sleeping and using a minimum time display.

In addition, the sports section is large and well-maintained thanks to the 12 sports modes: walking, running, walking, biking, exercise bike, swimming in the pool, outdoor swimming, elliptical, mountaineering, track racing, skiing, and weightlifting. Each one has optimizations and customizations specific to the objectives, recorded data, and available graphics.

Regarding the recording of daily activities, this is excellent: steps, cardio, and sleep. Probably, thanks to a large number of high-quality sensors, the data is always, on average, reliable and not discontinuous and overestimated, as is the case with cheaper products such as the Mi Band, Bip and Verge Lite. In the comparisons made between all Amazfit products, the only one that remains standing is Verge.

On the side of the notifications, there is no news and, basically, it is still the same that can be seen on all the most recent Amazfit devices: the messages are displayed on the screen when they are received, or they can be viewed through the menu item, although it is not possible to answer them, or show photos or use emoticons. Having said that, it is possible to interact with incoming calls, rejecting them or silencing the smartphone connected to the watch.

To complete the software, this brings with it the additional ” usual ” convenient features: weather, speed, reminders, sedentary notice, find phone, timer, stopwatch, and compass.


In short, autonomy is one of the most important factors when buying a watch, whether smart or not, and the Xiaomi Amazfit GTR performs greatly in this aspect since it is capable of giving us constant use for up to 24 days, without the need to charge it. Having said that, if you add to the fact that this battery comes with a comfortable size, a lightweight, a good price, and impressive design, this watch can be positioned as one of the best in the market.

On the other hand, from the aesthetic point of view and the proposed hardware, this Xiaomi device is able to convince the user from all points of view, and although the software that it has could be improved a little, to obtain an administration of more accurate notifications the “sports” part is impeccable. Due to all these factors, the price that this watch has, compared to other high-end sports watches, is more than justified.

You can find this amazing Xiaomi Amazfit GTR in the with an incredible discount by using Coupon Code. If you want to appropriate this Xiaomi Amazfit GTR you just have to enter from the following link:

Product Version Price Coupon Warehouse
Xiaomi AMAZFIT GTR – 47mm Aluminum Alloy
Xiaomi AMAZFIT GTR – 47mm Stainless Steel
Xiaomi AMAZFIT GTR – 47mm
Stainless Steel
Xiaomi AMAZFIT GTR – 47mm EU


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