Xiaomi AMAZFIT Cor IPS Smartband With NFC & Other Amazing Function Offered For Just $43.99(Coupon)

On January 7, 2019, Huami Technologies officially released the Amazfit Cor 2 fitness band (Amazfit Midong band 2), which is the second generation product of AMAZFIT brand bracelet product line. Its not only has a 1.23-inch color touch screen and has the ability to endure as long as ever but also integrates the powerful functions of NFC city bus pass simulation, 50-meter swimming waterproof, music control and so on. lets get to meet the amazing device in proper

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Original Xiaomi AMAZFIT Cor Smartband Bluetooth 4.1 IPS Colorful Screen 50 Meters Waterproof Heart Rate / Sleep Monitor- Black

Boasting attractive look and excellent functions

It is equipped with a 1.23 inch color IPS LCD display, The Amazfit Cor 2 fitness band can bring more comprehensive and rich information display and colorful visual effects. WeChat, QQ, SMS and other news can be viewed in a glance. Weather information, alarm clock and Alipay offline payment can bring more convenience for work and life. The display still uses the 2.5D glass as the panel, supplemented by the traceless connection of straight line and arc, forming a round R angle. Under the glass panel is a touch button, which is used to light the screen. You can slip your fingertip to operate the bracelet, which is quite convenient. The overall smooth line design makes the screen display more transparent. It uses more flexible wristband material, dry and unbounded. The overall width matches the human wrist to meet the user’s wearing needs in different scenarios all day, and to bring a more pleasant wearing feeling.

NFC city bus pass simulation

It has a built-in NFC chip, which supports bus and subway card swiping. Opening and recharging can be done by moving fingers. It can also check the balance of bus pass directly on the bracelet.


the built-in NFC chip of Amazfit Cor 2 fitness band

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50 meters swimming with powerful waterproof function

It binds Xiaomi’s sports App and adds the “Sports Side Screen” function. Just turning on any of the outdoor running, indoor running, cycling or jogging, you can view the key data in real time in the color screen of Amazfit Cor 2 fitness band. It also adds the “exercise” function, which can be used independently without a mobile phone. The data of exercise time, heart rate and consumption can be seen whenever and wherever you lift your wrist. In addition, Amazfit Cor 2 fitness band has a 5ATM waterproof grade, and can be worn for swimming and surfing, which extends more application scenarios. Whether when you take a bath after sweating, swimming or surfing, you don’t need to take off the bracelet or worry about the problem of water intake.

Rich intelligent functions make life intelligent

It is still powerful in terms of intelligence. It has a built-in Alipay offline payment function. When you pay, you only need to lift your wrist slightly, which saves the trouble of picking up your cell phone and finding change.

built-in Alipay offline payment function

Amazfit Cor 2 fitness band supports the display of the song name and progress of mobile music player. It can also pause, play and change songs directly on the bracelet.

20 days of long endurance; Focused on your health

Amazfit Cor 2 fitness band uses a new generation of photoelectric continuous heart rate sensor and heart rate monitoring algorithm independently developed by Huami Technologies. It has more accurate detection and lower power consumption.

photoelectric continuous heart rate sensor

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In addition,  Amazfit Cor 2 fitness band still has the common functions of the previous generation. It can display the detailed data of exercise steps, exercise heart rate and calorie consumption. It can also record the length of sleep at night and analyze the quality of sleep.  Amazfit Cor 2 fitness band still maintains a 20-day super-long endurance under the normal daily message notification display, NFC card swipe, step counting, alarm clock and other functions.

Amazfit Cor 2 fitness band is independently developed and manufactured by Huami Technologies. Since the launch of the first generation of products in September 2017, AMAZFIT has been a star item in the brand. AMAZFIT metre mobile ring is a flagship product in the field of smart bracelet because of its aesthetic design and excellent performance. Today’s  Amazfit Cor 2 fitness band adds powerful functions such as NFC city bus pass simulation, music control and so on, so that users can see clearly and truly integrate it into the work, life, sports and health management. It has become an intimate partner of users.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi AMAZFIT Cor IPS Smartband

The Xiaomi AMAZFIT Cor IPS Smartband is currently available on Gearbest for $43.99 using the coupon code: 4PCJ8109KN



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