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Xiaomi AloT Router AX3600 WiFi 6 OFDMA MU-MIMO 6 Core Wireless Router Offered for $139.99

`At a major February online conference, Xiaomi presented its most advanced router in addition to the latest flagship products. Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600 runs on the new WiFi 6 standard, has 7 antennas or 6 signal amplifiers. We know where you can order it to any part of the world.

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Already in advance for us

Surely we no longer need to introduce a Banggood seller. The latest Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600, currently available in pre-order, was the first to offer. First orders should be shipped after March 14 / March 2020. As this is an entirely new product, it is a little longer awaiting shipping.

The excellent news is the availability of EU Priority Line, which is even completely free . Thanks to this transport you will not have to pay any duty or VAT, everything will be arranged by the seller for you.

The latest WiFi standard 6

The Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600 works on the latest WiFi 6  802.11ax standard supporting 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. The maximum theoretical transfer rate for both bands is up to 2976 Mbps .

The independent AIoT antenna also supports both bands with max. transfer rate of 583 Mbps.

The WiFi 6 standard achieves 2.7 times the previous WiFi 5 generation. A total innovation is the integrated  TWT technology to save energy. This corrects the device’s sleep mode when communication is not needed, making a significant contribution to saving energy.

It also overcomes the thick walls

The router is interesting not only for its parameters but also for its great tech design. It is completed mainly by up to 7 powerful antennas, which are distributed throughout the construction.

One is for IoT devices, two are for the 2.4 GHz band, and up to four have a 5 GHz band. This ensures sufficient coverage of all bands.

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Amplifiers also contribute to the tremendous signal strength. The AX3600 Router is equipped with up to  6 high-performance signal amplifiers (powerful PA + LNA low-noise amplifier).

It improves not only the reach itself, but also the ability to receive a weaker signal. Even thicker walls do not make him a problem and are ideal for larger family houses.

Professional Qualcomm chipset

Inside, Qualcomm’s 6-core  IPQ8071A chip works at 1 GHz, which is used in high-performance routers designed for large corporations. Seconds with 512 MB of memory and thanks to this equipment can handle up to 248 devices in one moment.

The router contains 4 LAN connectors

Thanks to the new  8 × 8 MU-MIMO and OFDMA technologies  , smartphones or other devices with WiFi 6 are able to achieve efficient acceleration even in congested areas with public access such as airports, shopping centers and the like.

Basic WiFi 6, 8 × 8 MU-MIMO technology supports up to 8 data streams simultaneously. The previous form of data communication was in a 1: 1 ratio, but with the 8 × 8 MU-MIMO service this would be possible in a ratio of 8: 1. With WiFi 6, data is transmitted simultaneously with 8 devices in a 1 x 1 communication cycle or with 4 devices in a 2 x 2 cycle.

OFDMA works on the principle of dividing wireless communication channels. The previously transmitting terminal occupied the entire wireless channel throughout the entire communication period. The integrated WiFi 6 standard – OFDMA – divides the wireless channel into multiple sub-channels and collects data for transmission at the same time.

NetEase UU Accelerator and WPA3

To make matters worse, the AX3600 router also features a NetEase UU accelerator, which is mostly used by the Chinese (a problem with response and connection to foreign servers) while playing. WPA3 encryption is again an improvement over previous generations, making your network more secure.

Other features include speed of up to 150 Mb / s for IoT devices, support for OFDMA (standard that subdivides channels to decrease latency and improve network efficiency when there is a high demand for traffic), and compatibility with specifications WPA3 and IPv6.

The total capacity of the router can reach 2,976 Mb / s. The novelty supports the connection of up to 248 devices at the same time. Not least: at the rear, the Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600 offers four Ethernet ports.

It is worth remembering that the name Wi-Fi 6 does not refer to a newly launched technology, but to a simplification of the 802.11ax wireless network standard, which should be adopted on a large scale by the industry starting this year.

Where To Buy The Xiaomi Mi Router Wifi 6 AIoT AX3600 router

The Xiaomi Mi Router Wifi 6 AIoT AX3600 router is currently available on Banggood for $139.99 and this is a pre-sale price, so do well to get it before it is increased further



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