Xiaomi AirDots Youth Version, a new wireless earphones

In recent years we have seen how the design of earphones has evolved, wireless connectivity is becoming more and more important every year, more devices have adopted this feature, from power banks, wireless chargers, to cable-free headphones. Today, Xiaomi released new Truly Wireless (TWS) headphones, the Xiaomi AirDots Youth Version, in-ear headphones with Bluetooth 5.0.

But what does TWS headset mean? Simple, it’s about headphones that do not have any kind of cable, they work by means of Bluetooth connection, in order to enjoy a good playlist, without having to worry about being entangled with cables.

The Xiaomi AirDots Youth Version last up to 12 hours on standby

Xiaomi AirDots Youth Version 2

The Xiaomi AirDots Youth Version are earphones that have a fabulous design, since it looks a lot like the Xiaomi LYEJ05LM Mini In-ear, therefore, they are very easy to place and use, they only weigh 4.2 grams each, being extremely light, making sure that will not cause discomfort in the ear after a couple of hours of use.

In terms of operation, they connect to the smartphone, tablet or music player via Bluetooth 5.0, this version helps to have a stable connection at all times, this is a difference that will stand out in the market because most wireless headphones have Bluetooth 4.2, which is the standard Bluetooth version in the market.

Another advantage that has to offer these earphones of the Chinese brand, is that they can be used for 4 hours in a row, so if you go running, on the train, or simply stay at home enjoying a pleasant time while listening to music, it can last up to 12 hours in standby mode.

The Xiaomi AirDots Youth Version have their own charger case

Xiaomi AirDots Youth Version 2

The new wireless headphones of Xiaomi bring their own case charger, which at the time of being opened and removing the headphones, these will turn on automatically, connecting with the device that has been previously synchronized, after being placed inside the case will disconnect and turn off automatically.

The Xiaomi AirDots Youth Version have touch panels on the sides of each headset to be controlled, you can pause and play a song, answer and reject calls, among other functions, in addition, if you master the Chinese language you can use Xiaomi’s assistant, Xiao AI, who can help you write and send messages, or make calls, using predetermined voice commands.

New in-ear headphones at an incredible price

Xiaomi AirDots Youth Version

Among the Apple Airpods and the Xiaomi AirDots Youth Version, they not only differ in appearance but also their prices are completely different, while the Apple Airpods cost about $159 (€138.84), the AirDots Youth Version will be available for around $28 (€24.45), a huge difference, for a lower price you can buy headphones with a great design, good sound and great battery capacity, which translates to more hours of use, no doubt more than one user will prefer to use Xiaomi’s headphones.

The wireless headphones of the Chinese company will go on sale this November 11, it is expected to be available in several Chinese platforms such as Xiaomi Mall, Xiaomi Youpin, Tmall, among others.

Source: Gizmochina

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