Xiaomi AirDots Pro 2 (Air 2) vs Redmi AirDots: Which is worth buying?

What's the difference?

Are you looking for wireless earphones that come under your budget? Say no more, we know exactly which ones you should consider. You don’t have to worry about compromising on quality for a low price anymore. Xiaomi AirDots Pro 2 also known as Air 2 is a recent addition to Xiaomi’s collection. The previous wireless earphones by this brand are well known among those in search of cheap earphones. Of course, with new additions, there are always improvements that rectify previous problems and strive to provide users with great user experience. In the comparison of Xiaomi AirDots Pro 2 vs Redmi AirDots, you’ll know exactly what has changed and what still hasn’t. If you want to find out which one is the better option between Xiaomi AirDots Pro 2 vs Redmi AirDots, then keep reading.

Xiaomi AirDots Pro 2 vs Redmi AirDots

Audio: Which Earbud sounds better?

I thought that the audio quality was amazing in Xiaomi Air 2. The deep sounds are tremendous and there is no discrepancy between the highs and lows even when you listen at a high volume. That’s not all, but it is amazing at noise cancellation, making these earphones great while traveling and not allowing outside factors to disturb you. It supports AAC, SBC, and LHDC Hi-Res audio codecs as well. When it comes to the call quality of Xiaomi Air 2, it is great with a dual microphone.

Redmi AirDots, on the contrary, has decent audio quality that sounds crisp and clear. Similar to Xiaomi Air 2, there’s no distortion even at maximum volume. The bass sound is not too bad. Thus, in terms of audio quality, AirDots Pro 2 provides better quality between AirDots Pro 2 vs Redmi AirDots. When we consider the call quality in Redmi AirDots, it is quite decent. Once more, the quality of calls is better in AirDots Pro 2 between the AirDots Pro 2 vs Redmi AirDots.

Advantage: AirDots Pro 2

Design: Which looks better?

The earphones of Xiaomi Air 2 have an in-ear design with a stem hanging down from the white body made of ABS. It’s obvious from the design that it is inspired by Apple’s AirPods Series. Each Earbud of Xiaomi Air 2 weighs around 4.5 grams and it has a 14.2 mm large speaker. It has a very simple look but looks elegant. When it comes to the case, it is simple as well with a white body but it has some silver accents. On the right side, there is a single button present to initiate pairing. At the bottom of the case, you have a USB-C port to charge the case.

Similarly, Redmi AirDots have an in-ear design. However, it does not follow Apple’s design with a stem but instead has a unique design. Redmi AirDots, in contrast, has lightweight EarBuds with each bud weighing around 4.1 grams and it comes with a silicone tip. There’s a multifunction button on its outer panel and the EarBuds are magnetically attached in the case ensuring it doesn’t fall out of the case. Redmi AirDots comes in a black pill-shaped case with the Mi logo on top of the case and a Micro USB port on the rear.

An LED light is present at the front part of the case indicating the charging status of both models-AirDots Pro 2 vs Redmi AirDots. Thus, in the comparison of AirDots Pro 2 vs Redmi AirDots, AirDots Pro 2 has a better design and the addition of a USB-C port on the case gives it an added advantage.

Advantage: AirDots Pro 2

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There’s no difference in connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0 technology in both the models- AirDots Pro 2 vs Redmi AirDots. The Bluetooth distance without obstacles is around 10 meters in Xiaomi Air 2. Both models are compatible with IOS and Android devices. Pairing the earphones of Xiaomi Air 2 works similar to the Airpods 2 with the pop-up animation. You can pair Redmi AirDots with your phone by clicking on the button in the Earbud but it does not have a pop-up animation. After pairing for the first time, it’ll automatically connect once the Earbud is near the phone in both models – AirDots Pro 2 vs Redmi AirDots. However, you get a better experience in AirDots Pro 2 between Redmi AirDots vs AirDots Pro 2.

Advantage: AirDots Pro 2

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There’s a water resistance rating of IPX4 in both models-AirDots Pro 2 vs Redmi AirDots. This means that these earphones can survive reasonable water pressure that comes from any direction meaning that they can withstand rain but cannot be submerged in water. Although the rating isn’t very high, it is good enough for gym sessions. However, the case isn’t waterproof at all in both models – AirDots Pro 2 vs Redmi AirDots.

Touch Gestures or Button Functionality?

Similar to the AirPods 2 and its predecessor, we can control Xiaomi Air 2 with touch gestures. Tapping the left side twice summons the voice assistant, while the same on the right EarBud ensures the music is on pause or play. However, music will automatically pause or continue playing depending on whether it is in your ear. To answer/ reject a call you have to tap twice. Instead of touch gestures, you have a physical button present in Redmi AirDots to control functions. It is very limited allowing you to only put the music on pause, switch it on and off and call the voice assistant.

Remembering what tapping an EarBud would do can be a hassle at times, in which case you can wake up the voice assistant to control everything in both models – AirDots Pro 2 vs Redmi AirDots. A drawback is that pressing the button will push the EarBuds further, making it uncomfortable for you in Redmi AirDots. Thus, in the comparison of Redmi AirDots vs AirDots Pro 2, AirDots Pro 2 is the definite winner here.

Advantage: AirDots Pro 2

Battery Life

You get a playback time of 4 hours with the earphones in both models- Redmi AirDots vs AirDots Pro 2. However, with the case you get up to 14 hours in Xiaomi Air 2. It takes around 1 hour to charge completely. Redmi AirDots, in contrast, provides 12 hours with the case. The battery size of the Earbud is 40 mAh whereas the case packs a 300 mAh battery. With the Redmi AirDots, the charging time is quite long with the EarBuds taking around 1.5 hours. The case, on the other hand, takes about 2 hours to charge it completely.

Although there isn’t a difference in the playback time in both models, it varies when you consider the case. Xiaomi Air 2 gives us a longer playback time and less charging time between Redmi AirDots vs AirDots Pro 2. However, do note that the numbers vary depending on the level of volume.

Advantage: AirDots Pro 2

Verdict: Which Xiaomi Earbud should you buy?

You probably must have guessed the winner from the comparison of Redmi AirDots vs AirDots Pro 2. It’s clear that the winner is the AirDots Pro 2 between Redmi AirDots vs AirDots Pro 2. Xiaomi Air 2 provides us with better quality in everything right from the important factors like the audio quality and battery life.

The Xiaomi AirDots Pro 2 (Air 2) is undeniablly a killer choice for the price it comes in!

It doesn’t just stop there but you get a great design and can control them easily by just a tap. When it comes to connectivity and convenience, they’re great in both models – Redmi AirDots vs AirDots Pro 2. Overall, Xiaomi Air 2 is a perfect companion for you. However, if you’re not a fan of the stem design and prefer very lightweight earbuds with a multi-function button instead of touch gestures, then the Redmi AirDots is for you between Redmi AirDots vs AirDots Pro 2.

Xiaomi Mi AirDots PRO 2 / Air 2 (2019)

Sale Price: $61.11 (Flash Sale)

Redmi AirDots

Sale Price: $20.99 (Flash Sale)


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