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Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro is an intelligent air purifier with high cleaning effect (500m3 / h) . Engineers creating an air purification system were inspired by the construction of aircraft engines, thus creating a powerful suction system with increasing pressure. The Pro version has the highest air capacity and a built-in LCD display.

Buy Xiaomi Air Purifier Pro: For Just $229.99 With 24% OFF

After pressing the “start” button, thanks to an effective air purification filter, the filtration process covers the entire room. In the initial phase, the air is thrown upwards and then scattered along the walls and floor in the whole room, creating a large circle in the middle. The air purification system controller itself is so extensive that it can be controlled remotely from the phone by switching to the “super” mode. The air cleaning capacity is 500m3 / h.

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Via WiFi on your phone, you can use the Mi Home application * and in real time, improving the air quality in your home, adjust the cleaning parameters to the size of the room. Exciting is that the cleansing system is smart enough to find out what you use, that is, what habits you have, for example, you smoke cigarettes in your room. When you leave the room, the purification will automatically turn on. The temperature and humidity sensors in your home will provide clean air and therefore the safety and health of your family.

“Good night, sweet dreams” is the goal that Xiaomi set for designing the device. The use of aerodynamics, i.e. the flow of air through every piece of equipment in your home, has been carefully designed to ensure noise reduction to a minimum. The parameters in the sleep mode are only 31db, i.e. such as a calm wind blowing in the summer evening. The new technology used in the engine reduces energy consumption by 58%, and the normal mode achieves a value of 4.8W. This means lower energy consumption than energy-saving light bulbs. From now on, you can feel at ease in the comfort of your clean home.

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During sleep, the body carries away hundreds of chemicals from the respiratory tract, such as carbon dioxide, ammonia, etc. A significant impact on the quality of sleep is whether the room is closed or open. Being in a room with purified air will effectively relieve a headache after getting up, sore throat, stuffy nose and other ailments. In addition, by cleaning the air will also be removed germs and dust mites found on the bedding, dust and many other allergens.

A three-layer filter (with activated charcoal as standard) our customers exchange about every 6 months on average. The manufacturer declares a filter change every 3-6 months in the manual. In Polish conditions, this means using 1 filter for the smog season (from October to March).

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