Xiaomi has Come with the New Automatic Xiaomi Air Freshener Dispenser, Launched with 4-Month Battery Life

Xiaomi has already air purifiers in its portfolio under the tag of its ecosystem manufacturers. Now, the brand has just launched the automatic air freshener dispenser to come with the battery life of up to 4 months. Well, the new Xiaomi Air Freshener has proceeded for crowdfunding now.

The smart gadgets industry is on the way to welcome quality products, especially by Xiaomi. With a wide range of ecosystem platforms, it is an authorized player to have loyal customers in each product segment.

Features of XIaomi Air purifier Dispenser:

As per the news, Xiaomi is all set to trigger the sales for its newly-developed Automatic Air Freshener. In terms of its features, the air freshener is compact and lightweight in physique, made of rigorous ABS plastic material.

the new Xiaomi Air freshener dispenser comes under MIJIA, one of the sub-brands of Xiaomi. Its minimalistic design provides an easy-to-use approach. Xiaomi further introduced the new MIJIA Mi Automatic Flavoring.

In the powerhouse, the new Xiaomi Air Freshener will adopt a 2200 mAh battery. You can fuel it up via a micro USB port. It is crafted behind a small cover on its surface. Now, as per the company claims, the battery will last for up to 4 months on a single charge.

When it comes to internals, the new Xiaomi Mijia Automatic Air Freshener installs a small interchangeable tank in its base to house the fragrance. It sprays the fragrance into the air every 15 minutes.

For this purpose, the air freshener uses novel microporous atomization technology to release the fragrance through hundreds of tiny particles. It ultimately helps the fragrance to get absorb into the air.

It causes only 30dB of noise, which makes it suitable to use even in the restroom or bedroom throughout the night.

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